Book reports will be due

There was quite some excitement when I left the library this evening.  The Fire Department was parked near the front door, and people were gawking milling around.  It looked like someone’s car had caught fire.  Poor soul.  The library is such a hub of activity.

I’ve been visiting the library quite a bit these days.  Well, at least every three weeks when the books are due.

Notwithstanding the Great Computer Crash of 2008, I started my visits when I decided to read Terry Goodkind’s Wizard’s First Rule, the book which the tv series Legend of the Seeker is based on.  I ended up reading the ridiculously long book fairly quickly (for me) by skimming pages and pages of stuff that wasn’t particularly interesting (Mud People!) and glossing over lengthy pages of repititious dialog.  It’s the only way I could get the book completed in three weeks.

I hadn’t planned on continuing the Sword of Truth series, but when I’d finished Wizard’s First Rule, I missed having a book, any book, to read.  So I went back and checked out Stone of Tears, the second Sword of Truth book.  I read it  in the same super-skimming-skipping method as the first book.  However, I did find events in the last pages that would have made better sense had I not rushed through the book initially.  But I’m not about to check the book out again just to labor through it with a time crunch.  Instead, I think I’ll buy the set of Goodkind’s first three books from Amazon.  That way I can take my time, and if I get bored, set the book down and pick up something else.  I figure it’ll take me at least 2 years to read all 3 books.

In  the meantime, I decided to check out some mysteries.  I looked for Charlaine Harris, but Dead Until Dark, and other early books from the Sookie Stackhouse series are all checked out.  And they most likely have a long waiting list, given the popularity of True Blood.  So instead I picked up The Family Vault by Charlotte MacLeod, Revenge of the Wraught Iron Famingos by Donna Andrews and, because it sounds good and isn’t a bazillion pages long, Terry Goodkind’s Debt of Bones.

Book reports will be forthcoming.  If I remember.


4 thoughts on “Book reports will be due

  1. I’m an avid reader and a frequent visitor of my local library (if I had to buy all of the books I read or are interested in reading, I would quickly ‘file for bankruptcy’ 😉 ).

    I don’t know which kind of books you are usually in, but a couple of books that I read lately and liked are “The Lace Reader” by Brunonia Barry and “The Tenth Gift” by Jane Johnson.

    • Well of course you’re an avid reader. You’re a lit major, if I my memory is correct. 😀 I mostly read mysteries, and light, humorous mysteries at that. I’m not a very good reader, and a lot of “literature” is lost on me.

  2. Yes, I’m a lit major. I also considered the idea of becoming a professor of Anglo-American literature for a while (honestly, I’m still keeping an eye on positions at universities).

    If you like mysteries, I think you might like Anne Perry: she is very good at writing Victorian mysteries, a bit in the style of Agatha Christie.

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