Only 15 months late!

A couple months ago I decided I’d try to get one “big, nagging thing” done each weekend until there were no more nagging things to be done.  Finally, I started today.  I got a large box sent off to my nephew and grand-nephew via UPS.  The clerk asked me if there was a date I’d like it delivered by.  I said “How about Christmas a year ago?”

The UPS store is really close to where I live.  I procrastinated, fearing the store was only open during week-day hours; or if on Saturday, only in the morning, like the Post Office.  Plus, the parking is always crowded because there’s a Panera next door.  As is often the case, getting the job done was actually easier than thinking about it.  Even if I hadn’t managed to find a parking spot, I could have parked on the other side of the access road.  (The box wasn’t heavy, just large.)  Still, I think a few spaces could be reserved for UPS customers.  (Knowing Alexandrians, there probably were, but the Panera patrons probably complained.  After all, gotta have access to that free wifi!)

Speaking of wifi, some guy was on his notebook at the salon this morning when I left after getting a much-needed pedicure.  Now, that’s a first.  (The notebook, not the pedicure.)


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