Too much information!

I really don’t understand social media.  I got a Facebook account (profile name gailanno—I think).  There was a lot of info to digest, and then they went and changed their layout.  Now I’m lost.  And I got a Twitter account (again, gailanno: this username I know for sure).  Who the hell has time to be online every single minute of every single day?  Don’t these people have to buy groceries?  Or go to the dentist?  I guess they use their cell phones to text this stuff when away from the computer.

So I’m trying to learn more about how best to use social media for my purposes (which is mainly to promote Sci Fi Chicks).

Every day when I check my RSS feed, Mashable has dozens of new posts to sort through.  And they’re l–o–n–g.  How can I check out all the features in a post of “100 Great Resources for Design Inspiration?”  Or “100+ More [!!] Wiki Tools & Resources?”  Who has time for that?  People who do web development for a full-time job?  Certainly not poor schmucks like me.   And what’s the purpose of “48 People Who Aren’t Lance Armstrong?”   Holy cripes!  How am I supposed to keep up with all that?

This week is Facebook Week at Mashable (or maybe I’m so far behind, it was last week).  I want to read all the posts, but try not to take the time during the day.  But when I get home, I have so many other online things to do, I totally forget about the RSS feed, Mashable and Facebook.

Enough already!


One thought on “Too much information!

  1. I also happen to wonder how it is possible that some people spend so much time online and, more specifically, spend so much time on social media sites. You’re right, Gail: don’t they have to buy groceries or go to the doctor sometimes? Don’t they have jobs?

    I think I’m hopeless at keeping up-to-date with social media. Honestly, I lost my password to access most of the social media sites I subscribed to.

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