31 DBBB: A post of lists

The task for day 2 of the 31 Days to  Build a Better Blog Challenge is to write a list post.  I decided to combine today’s task with yesterday’s task of creating an elevator pitch.  Perhaps someone can help me decide what to focus on for the next month or so.

Blog Possibilities
  1. Chronicle my attempts to learn the finer points of WordPress.  This is actually broken into 2 sub-categories:
    1. WordPress Codex for the easily overwhelmed. The WordPress Codex gives you about 300 places to start.  And then the links loop around on themselves.  This can be very confusing for those of us with (un-diagnosed) ADD.  So how about organizing Codex topics in a “linear” progression, like a book?  Even though it doesn’t take advantage of the web’s “lateral” browsing functionality, it’s probably the best way to learn something new.  Especially for us baby-boomers.
    2. WordPress theme construction for the PHP impaired. I keep trying to create a WordPress that’s all my own.  I did create a theme for a previous version of the Benjamin Bratt fan site, but it was very simple (didn’t take advantage of widgets, gravatars or threaded comments) and had a few glitches (such as not being centered on IE).
  2. A memoir of my parents (which I don’t have a good title for yet).  I grew up hearing  interesting tales of my parents’ lives during the Great Depression and World War II.  But I didn’t realize how unique their lives were until I grew up and told the stories to others.   I want to write about them for my nephews and niece.  They didn’t get a chance to know their father’s family very well.  I want them to know they are people than can be proud of.
  3. (Going from the sublime to the ridiculous:) The Unofficial Supernatural Season 3 Companion.  There have been “Official Companion” books for the first two season of the underrated show, but at the time I had this idea, there wasn’t one for season 3.  So, how about writing an Unofficial Season Companion?  Since the idea came to mind, the Official Season 3 Companion has been published.  But the show’s less than stellar third season  is ripe for snark, even if I don’t have access to the producers, writers or stars.
  4. Pack Brat.  I love Flylady.  Her system for getting your home and life in order is wonderful.  One of the best things she does is try to change your attitude towards housework and family.  But I’m not on her mailing list anymore because I was overwhelmed.  Same with her website.  She’s since refined her starter program, Beginner Baby Steps, but it seems a little strange to me (and it’s not easy to find).  Why not try to simplify the program for those of us who get easily overwhelmed, and write about my attempts to follow the program?  In the process, perhaps I can even start getting my own home in order.

I think I’ll go with #4 for now.  Maybe that way I can get both my home and blog in order.


4 thoughts on “31 DBBB: A post of lists

  1. Just a question? Do you really have to focus on one topic for the next month?

    As this is your personal blog, I’d expect it to deal with your thoughts and whatever goes on in your life, and watertight compartments seldom belong to life and mind.

    Anyway, you can ignore my opinion, as I’m not an expert in what a blog should be like.

  2. Heh, even the “experts” are not always experts on blogging.

    Yeah, I sort of pooped out. The 31DBBB is really geared towards those blogs that provide a particular service. The idea is to build readership so that more people will visit and click ads so that you can make money.

    It probably is a good exercise to do with Sci Fi Chicks, though, since I’d like to get more readers there.

  3. Actually, what I’ve always wondered is to which extent “experts” manage to apply what they teach/advise to others. 😉

    Hmm, the 31DBBB does indeed make more sense for those blogs that provide a particular service than for personal blogs.

    You can use their recommendations as an exercise to do with a fan site, but I think it is a good idea only as long as this exercise isn’t a burden that takes (part of) the fun away from blogging about a something/somebody that you enjoy and where blogging is basically a hobby.

    As for attracting visitors and building readership, I think these are different things.

    To attract visitors, I guess one should find a way to get your site/blog indexed by search engines so that a link to it (or one of its posts) will be show up within search results when someone from your potential target audience google a key word suggesting they may be interested in what is on your blog.

    To build readership, instead, the recommendations in the 31DBBB can be useful.

    However, ignore this stream-of-consciousness comment, as I am the queen of IT and Internet dummies and I myself am looking for a way to get readers to my blog.

  4. This is just an idea that I had thinking of SciFiChicks, but have you ever thought of making as long a list as possible of sites whose target audience may be interested in what you with at SciFiChicks (it may be sites about the SciFi genre, the series you are reviewing, the actors starring in them, etc.) and see if they are willing to affiliate with you, that is linking back to your site, if you link to theirs?

    Ok, this is a suggestion from someone who is planning to fly under the radar, blogwise, for the time being.

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