Of taxes and Dad

Tax season has me thinking a lot about my dad.  He was a lawyer who provided tax services to the community.  Living in a rural community, that meant he had to contend with not only April 15th, but also the end of February, which was (still is?) the deadline for farmers to  file their tax returns.  So he had to deal with us procrastinators twice during the season, working long hours and weekends to get everything done.  (Thank goodness tax time didn’t interfere with the football season!)

I remember him leaving church on Sunday and walking directly to his office to work.  (My sister-in-law once told me she didn’t want my brother to become a lawyer because she didn’t want him putting in the hours my dad did.)

When I was in the Navy and still a resident of Iowa (even though I lived elsewhere), Dad would do my taxes for me.  Those were the days before I had a mortgage, so the taxes weren’t that difficult.  When I’d get the forms in the mail for signature and filing, the cover letter would be on his letterhead.  The letter would be typed (by my mother, who worked for him) and professional, but at the end, he’d sign it “Love, Dad.”


One thought on “Of taxes and Dad

  1. First, I’d like to say that I’ve always found it curious that it is lawyers who help people filing their tax returns in the US. In Italy, it takes a degree in Economics to get the license to help people and companies filing their tax returns, not in Law as lawyers have. The American system makes more sense than the Italian one though, as filing tax returns correctly has more to do with knowing laws than economy or numbers.

    It is tax season in Italy, too. The deadline to file tax returns is March 31 for companies and June 20 for individuals.

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