How social media gives rise to sea stories

Not too long ago, my favorite blogger Lorelle wrote a series on Exploring Social Media for the Blog Herald.  Since I’m only now getting into social media (and being overwhelmed by it), I wanted to read what she had to say.  She has a great ability to take technical mumbo-jumbo and the latest buzz-words and turn them into something the masses can understand.

Early in the series she discussed Social Media Tools, and began by mentioning the humble beginnings of the telephone.  And that reminded me of a sea story!

What the heck is a sea story?

Sea stories are humorous anecdotes of Navy life.  Sometimes the tales are so fantastic you think they might be exaggerated or made up, but they’re not.  I think the stories are so unique because life aboard ship is a universe unto its own.  It has its own language and customs, and the Captain is God.

Interestingly, even us landlocked sailors have sea stories to tell.  Perhaps it’s because we have the true Navy in our blood.

So what is this sea story you have to tell?

Eh, I’ll tell you tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “How social media gives rise to sea stories

  1. If I had enlisted, it would have been in the air force (I love flying and planes), but I am fascinated by sea stories, so I’m looking forward to yours, Gailann. 🙂

  2. BTW, I’m reading Lorelle’s series on Exploring Social Media for the Blog Herald, too. Actually, I often visit her blog as well. She is really great at making everything about blogging and social media understandable for everyone.

    By reading what Lorelle has to say, I realized that my approach to social media has been pretty careless so far. Hopefully, I can improve.

    • Francesca, I remember you saying you read Lorelle as well. I have her Blogging Tips book. When it first came out, she had signed some of the copies, but I didn’t get one of those. She did, however, tell me that if I ever make it to a WordPress camp (or something like that), she’d sign it for me. It’s giving me the motivation to get more involved and go to one. 🙂

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