It’s too damned hot

To paraphrase Cole Porter (which always surprised me because his lyrics were pretty darned racy for his time).

It was near 90 degrees on Saturday and over 90 yesterday.  I even had to turn my computer off mid-day because it over-heated!  It was definitely 90 today, and supposed to be tomorrow, too.  And what does our condo management say?  “The city of Alexandria requires that we keep the heat on until May 15.”  That is fucking bull shit! Last year they turned the air conditioning on on May 2nd.  I know because I was getting my a/c serviced that day.  And it wasn’t nearly as hot last year as it is now.  (And in the last several years, the a/c has always been turned on prior to May 15th.)

My neighbor is on the condo’s board of directors, and she’s going to get an ear full tonight.  She probably doesn’t really need my earful because she also lives on the top floor.  She knows how freakin’ hot it gets up here.

I say we fire the God damn condo management asshats.

Until Wednesday (when it’s supposed to rain and be more seasonable), I’ll be grumpy.  Very grumpy.

Fucking condo management assholes who can’t use God damn common sense.  (And no, I don’t believe the problem lies with the city of Alexandria.)  Fucking condo management shitheads.


8 thoughts on “It’s too damned hot

  1. I’m quite in the opposite situation as yours. The city I live in requires heating to be turned off on April 1, but we’ve had a miserable April this year with much rain and temperatures that never reached 60° F even in the warmest time of the day.

  2. Our May was like that last year. They turned the air conditioning on May 2, then it turned very cold. It was an unusual feeling for me to be cold without the ability to turn up the heat.

    The weather has turned (much) cooler, but I’ m exhausted from not being able to sleep. Maybe I can get caught up tonight.

  3. I know I shouldn’t be complaining for the cold, as even temperatures in the 90s can be bothersome, especially if it is already so soon, but I am really hoping for lukewarm and sunny weather, after a very cold winter (it was years since we had seen so much snow as last winter).

    It may sound odd, but in Italy we have rules about when we can turn heating on and off (the calendar varies from region to region, but we can say that heating can never be turned the eating on before Oct. 15 and must be turned off by Apr. 15), but there are no rules about air conditioning and so everyone can decide whether to have it or not and when to turn it on and off.

  4. I’m just boggling at the idea that you have no control over your own environmental systems. Do you not pay your own utilities? If you do, wtf? Why can someone else dictate your comfort level?

    94 here the other day, in April. I deliberately live in the north to avoid this!!!

    • The heating and a/c is part of our condo fee. The only utility we pay ourselves is electricity. (Don’t worry, the condo fees are quite high.) Well, also phone, if you consider that a utility.

  5. Over here in Italy, it is only large condos that have central heating systems and when the heating is turned on and off, it is for everyone, and temperature is decided upon by the condo board. Personally, I can control my environmental systems. The rules about when people should turn heating on and off came into place kind of 35 years ago during a serious energy crisis and are still there (I guess people never complained because they are dictated to turn heating on and off when they normally would anyway); actually, Italy is heavily dependent on imports as far as resources to produce energy are concerned.

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