Social media, baby-boomer style

The George Foreman grill I ordered from QVC on Sunday arrived today.  It’s still sitting in the box by the doorway.  I thought I ought to Twitter about it first.  [It’s a joke. Get it?  It’s more important to micro-blog about your life than live it.]

I did get a Twitter account.  Actually I got 2.  One for me and one for Sci Fi Chicks.  But I don’t want to be on it at work, and at home there are other things I want to do.  Maybe when my new netbook and wireless router come, I’ll start Twittering from the living room sofa.

I’d been reading about FriendFeed, which supposedly aggragates all your social media into one place.  So I got an account and set it up for Twitter, Facebook and LiveJournal.  But the only updates I’m getting are from me.  This afternoon I spent a little time trying to add some of my friends’ feeds, but apparently the friend has to have a FriendFeed account to follow.  What the hell good is an aggragator if it doesn’t aggragate??? I want to read all my social media updates in one place, I don’t want to bombard my friends with yet another service to sign up for.

Stoopid social media.

One thought on “Social media, baby-boomer style

  1. I am left wondering what the use is for an aggregator, if it doesn’t aggregate the feeds you subscribe to independently from whether your friends/contacts are signed up for the service or not. Personally, I need an aggregator, too, I am looking for an aggregator that will aggregate feeds without me having to ask anyone to sign up for another service. If I don’t find the right aggregator, I am afraid I will really have to give up on some social media, as I have no hope on separately checking on all of those I signed up for.

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