Damned cliffhangers!

Somewhere in the last few months I seem to have lost my Supernatural fangirlish squee.  I don’t know if it’s because I became annoyed with fans at conventions.  (What is the purpose of all the damn screaming?  All it does is interfere with what’s trying to be said.)  Or perhaps it’s because I’ve begun to steel my heart against the upcoming season finale.  Because I just know Eric Kripke is going to screw with us fans.  Again.

Yes, Supernatural‘s season is coming to an end.  You know what that means—big-ass stinkin’ cliffhanger.  And the way this season’s been going, with Sam getting darker and darker, and angels coming around and screwing with everything, you know the summer hiatus will be brutal. C’mon, Kripke!  You gave us hell (literally) last summer.  Don’t you think we deserve to be treated nicely for a change?  No, of course you don’t.  Because you are a mean, sadistic bastard who eats babies. (If you’re not familiar with Supernatural or its fandom or its evil, twisted creator, then you have no idea what I’m talking about.)

Season 4’s next to last episode aired last night.  This season’s over-arching theme has been the coming of the apocalypse.  (If you aim for destruction, aim high.)   And now, with one episode to go, the apocalypse is nearly  upon us and the Winchester brothers are at war with each other.  If Kripke brings on the apocalypse for this season’s finale, where will the show go next year?  I have no doubt Kripke will make fans endure yet another agonizing summer, this time with the fate of the world in the balance and Dean and Sam at each others’ throats.  But what happens next year?  I certainly don’t want to spend an(other) entire season building towards the apolypse.  And I really don’t want a season with the dysfuntionally co-dependent (but very pretty) Wincester brothers separated.


VPW (Very Pretty Winchesters): Dean (Jensen Ackles, left) and Sam (Jared Padalecki)

I guess I should just take a deep breath and chant my mantra: “In Kripke we trust.  Even if he is an evil, sadistic bastard who eats babies.”

[In the meantime, go visit Sci Fi Chicks and grade “When the Levee Breaks.”]


4 thoughts on “Damned cliffhangers!

  1. Personally, I have to admit that I have quite a few series that I deeply enjoyed for the first two or three seasons and then stopped watching because it had become clear that ideas were lacking, and there were no more interesting twists and turns to the plot and sometimes creators relied too much on the pointlessly spectacular. I just mention two of these series: Lost and ER.

    As for how fandom goes, I usually simply grow out of it and disappointment at the subject of my fandom has generally more to do with it than my being annoyed at fellow fans. I can understand, though, how bothersome screaming fans can be at conventions. BTW, how old were those screaming fans?

  2. I can certainly understand losing interest in ER. It’s been on forever! And I immediately lost interest in Lost (heh) when there were only questions and no answers.

    What I like about Supernatural (among other things) is that the questions are usually answered after a few episodes. But that still doesn’t excuse Kripke from his annoying cliffhangers!

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  4. Its being on forever had certainly a role in my losing interest in ER, though I still enjoy L&O in spite of its having been on for even longer than ER.

    Agreed on Lost. I got tired of the many questions that kept piling up without any answer being provided.

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