Probably the only mediocre Glee review anywhere

I’m not sure how I feel about Glee, which premiered on Fox last night.  Having sung in choruses for several years,  maybe I know too much about glee clubs and vocal music.

I realize the show’s supposed to be about so much more than music.  And that its music needs to be over-the-top.  But knowing that doesn’t stop me from cringing at the ridiculousness of it all.

For instance, the Carmel “glee club” performers were all dancers, not singers. It’d be one thing to have dancers with the some singing experience.  At least then the lip-synching would likely have been more convincing.  But what aired was just awful.  Perhaps it was meant to be.

As for “Don’t Stop Believing,” it was a terrific rendition.  (And a song I absolutely love.)  But so enhanced.  Three backup singers able to imitate an entire instrument section, complete with reverberation?   Five kids sounding like an entire chorus?  And worse, a group that’s supposed to be rated on vocal music being backed up by a “swing” band?  My head hurts.

I’m afraid the two young leads will always be the group’s soloists.  Yes, they’re very talented.  And they’re the show’s teenage leads.  But is it possible to ask for some of the other kids to be recognized?  Maybe if the show runs long enough I’ll get my wish.  Or maybe I’ll get my wish in the next few episodes (which won’t air until this fall).

Just one last gripe:  I don’t find Rachel to be terribly sympathetic, what with her self-proclaimed “star” quality and her tendency to over-perform.  Perhaps she’s supposed to be exaggerated what with her stomping around the stage and making googly eyes when singing with Finn.  After all, this is her fantasy, to be working so closely with one of the “cool” kids.   And since she’s so caught up in her own wonderfulness, I’d really like to see her knocked down a peg or two, be a backup singer while someone else gets to shine.  Because life is like that.

Eh.  I’m probably over-thinking the whole thing.


4 thoughts on “Probably the only mediocre Glee review anywhere

  1. So now I don’t know if I’m ever going to give Glee a go. Honestly, musical comedies are not my cup of tea already, and now you’re telling me that this one could have been better…

    • Don’t necessarily listen to me. 😀 I was going to write a semi-retraction (I still may), since I keep rewatching it. The music is terrific, even if the performances are a little over-done. Well, in the case of “Vocal Explosion” (or whatever the heck the Carmel group was called) a LOT overdone. Check out Television Without Pity ( They have a review and a forum there. You might find something more interesting than what I have to say. 😉

  2. I agree with everything you said, but I LOVED the show. I found the vocals kind of ridiculous, because you’re not going to get that level of skill (and production) in high school. There wasn’t really anything NEW about the story. And no, the female lead didn’t appeal to me–but I don’t think they intended her to be very sympathetic.

    Two things make it a win for me. The teacher was awesome. I thought he did a great job, and his characterization was excellent. He was surrounded by intriguing people, too–the guidance counselor, the cheerleader coach, even his wbitch of a wife. They hinted at the end about what’s to come–will he get the jocks and cheerleaders on board? They seemed compelled, somewhat.

    The other element was the details. The sound when someone did something that inspired anger or whatever, that took on a different tone by the end. A little thing that had a big impact on me.

    But really, the reason I can’t wait for fall is because of how good the whole show made me feel. It’s not logical or quantifiable, it just is, and there can never be enough of that (legally, without being mind-altering! LOL).

  3. Why should I not listen to you, Gailann? I’ve often agreed on your opinions on shows.

    Moreover, it makes worried when everybody says they like a show, because I don’t think it is possible that a show appeals to everybody. I guess TV networks usually have a target on their mind when they produce a show and while they may discover that a show have a wider audience than they thought, it is seldom the case that it has a universal appeal.

    Anyway, you convinced me… I’ll give Glee a go and then I will let you know what I think of it.

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