I pulled the stick is out of my butt

So my review of Glee wasn’t all that great. And yet I keep watching it.  I realize the show is somewhat tongue-in-cheek and it’s supposed to be slightly-over-the-top.

I finally downloaded Journey’s Greatest Hits album from iTunes.  It wasn’t just because of Glee.  I’d been planning to for a long time, but hadn’t gotten around to it (being the world’s greatest procrastinator).  The show just gave me that added push.

And also, may I say, this show is probably going to drive me nuts.  Even before I downloaded the album, I couldn’t get “Don’t Stop Now” out of my head.  And when I finally did, what popped in?  “You’re the One that I Want.”  “Rehab” probably would have, too, except I’d never heard it before.  (You know, being an old fogie and all.)

The best news?  I’d been thinking about joining a Sweet Adelines’ chorus for about 2 years.  I was all set to last year when I broke my foot.  But I checked the schedule and now seems to be a good time.  Lots of rehearsals before their next performance.

It’s interesting;  if you’d asked me what I’d be if I could do anything I wanted, most of my life I’d have said an actor.  (Not for the fame.  I just love the craft.)  But you know what gives me the greatest joy?  Singing.  Go figure.


3 thoughts on “I pulled the stick is out of my butt

  1. It’s great that you decided to join a chorus. If singing gives you much joy, you couldn’t have made a better decision.

  2. Over the weekend, my musings took me to the conclusion that if I had to become an artist, writing is the art I would have chosen, but acting was the greatest joy in my life when I was at school and then at college. I guess I love seeing characters come to life on a page or on stage/screen.

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