I’m baaaack!

Yes, I am returning to WordPress.com.  Why? Probably because I like the fact that I’ve had up to 16 viewer (per day!) in July, even though the site’s been dormant for two months.  Hey, maybe someday I’ll get comments from more than my two regulars.  (Not that I don’t love you, guys.  I do!)

Of course, this is a personal blog, so why the hell would anyone who doesn’t know me be interested in what I have to say?  Because I’m awesome?  Nah, I don’t think that’s it.  But hey, if I can connect with other Supernatural fans, I’m all for it!

Since I’m speaking of blogging, while searching YouTube last evening I came across a video of some talk show about blogging called PC Hookup.  It appears on Justin.tv.  (I don’t think I could do an explanation of the website justice, so I’ll let someone else do it.)  Yes, it’s PC Hookup.  Its sponsor is Microsoft.  Ha!

Anyway, I mention this because their guest was Tony Huh (at least I think that’s his name) who runs I Can Haz Cheezburger (ICHC).  I was hoping to get some insight into how to build a really successful blog, but turns out he bought it! Well, that doesn’t help me, because I don’t have a gazillion dollars to buy some really popular blog.  Ugh!  I feel cheated.  At least I learned LOLCats is  pronounced “lol-kats” (just 2 syllables) when all along I’d been saying “el-oh-el-kats.”


5 thoughts on “I’m baaaack!

  1. Why would someone who doesn’t know you not be interested in what you have to say? I think they could. The real question is how to spread the word about you keeping a blog. And WordPress.com looking at post categories and tags of the blogs they host and providing links to similar posts is a great help in this sense.

    As for the video from Justin.tv you mention, I think that if its point was to give some insight into how to build a really successful blog, they picked the wrong guest. If Tony Huh bought his blog and it is still successful after he bought it, I guess the lesson he can teach is about how to keep readership, rather than build it.

    • Well, the host did ask Tony for some advice on how to build a good blog. The only thing I can remember is “don’t be afraid to be controversial.” I can’t tell you how many posts have languished in draft mode until deleted because I was afraid of offending someone. I am such a wuss sometimes.

      • In theory, Tony is right. Controversial posts are likely to spur debate on a blog. However, I know what you mean about being afraid of offending someone and deleting posts instead of hitting the “publish” button, as I’ve deleted comments and posts, too, out of fear that what I was going to say would offend someone instead of making them think and productively respond to what I said.

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