Supernatural redux, again

Remember how I said I was going to spend my summer Supernatural hiatus writing an Unofficial Season Companion?  Yeah.  Never happened.  Instead, I’ve been rewatching the series from the beginning.  But I have a valid reason!  In September I bought a new wide-screen, hi-def tv in anticipation for the show’s season 4 premiere.  (Not than I’m obsessed with this show or anything.)  With my old tv (which really isn’t all that old), the DVDs were so dark, I missed a lot of things that were hidden in the shadows.  So the idea this time was to go through the episodes noting what I’d missed before.  In the early episodes, I’d missed quite a bit.  I haven’t found anything new in recent episodes, but I have been given a fresh look at the series’s main story arc (or mytharc, as the fans call it).

My reviews at LiveJournal left off with “Crossroad Blues,” where Dean’s fears that John sold his soul for Dean’s life were confirmed.

I’m at the point in the series where Sam is afraid he’s going to become evil.  It’s so interesting to watch Sam’s fear (and his insistence that Dean stop him) now that we know what transpired in the following years, particularly season 4.  It’s positively meta-worthy.

I love how the mytharc continues to fall into place.  In “Croatoan” Sam is immune to a demon virus that turns a town mad.  Now we know why.  Ava disappears at the end of “Hunted.”  Now we know where she went.

Sam’s fears (although some might call it self-pity) are featured heavily in “Playthings.”  (No pun intended.)  He’s so desperate to save as many people as he can in order to change his destiny, he wallows in alcohol when he can’t.  How can you hate an episode that gave us “You’re bossy.  And short,” “Sasquatch,” and season 2’s “money shot” of Sam saving Tyler?

Next up: “Nightshifter.”  I’d forgotten what terrific episode this is.  I delight in the craziness of Ronald Reznick (mandroids!  Juan doll!)  and Special Agent Victor Henricksen.  I’m in awe of Georgia Craig, the actress who played Sherrie.  She really deserved upfront screen credit.  She had to go from a bank teller with a fan-girl crush on hero Dean to a kick-ass monster who gave Dean a run for his money—while in lingerie no less!  And of course, “Renegade.”  ‘Nuff said.

I think that’s enough for today.  Stay tuned for more.


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