One more milestone

I have four—count ’em, 4—ID badges for work.  Today I had one of them renewed.  It’s the last ID card (of that type) I’ll ever need.  Yep, the expiration date is about a year after I can fully retire.

I say “fully retire” because I’m eligible to retire now.  But if I did, I’d take an enormous 25% cut in my retirement pay.  As it is, my retirement pay sucks.  So 25% of suckage is even greater sssssuckage.  I won’t tell you how pathetic my retirement pay will be, because it’d just depress me too much.  Then it’d make me angry.

I guess I ought to be happy that I have a job, that the commute is pretty good, and that it pays fairly well.  And I work with a lot of really smart people.  (Heh, who knew the Army had smart people?) 😉

Oh crap!  I just realized the episode for tonight’s Supernatural episode a day is “Heart,” which is maximally depressing.  Hmm, think I might watch something else.


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