The Cleaner, season 2

I guess it’s time to discuss season 2 of The Cleaner.  The series was hit or miss last year.  It started with three very strong episodes.  In fact, “Rag Dolls” and “Meet the Jones” are among my favorites, along with “Back to One,” about an aspiring but unsuccessful actress (played by the lovely Michelle Borth).

I’m tickled to see Benjamin Bratt as a producer, but there’s a lot about the show that’s bothering me.  In fact, I haven’t even watched the last two episodes yet.  So, what’s the problem?

  1. I miss Darnell.   I don’t know if they decided to get rid of the character of if the actor wasn’t available.  I hope it’s the latter.  (I see from IMDB that Kevin Michael Richardson is very busy.)   The team needs four members.  Three is just not enough.  If Darnell fell off the wagon or moved away, then why not recruit someone else?  I’m sure there are enough recovering drug addicts in Los Angeles to meet the bill.
  2. Secondly, William’s wife needs to die.  Now! I didn’t mind the family drama so much last year, but it’s really grating on my nerves this year, and Melissa Banks is the primary reason.  She dangles William on a string, but ultimately changes the locks on the doors to his house.  Everything is about hershe’s becoming happy; she’s finding herself; blah, blah, blech.  Every time she’s on the screen I end up fast-forwarding because she’s  so selfish and annoying.  The show would be so much more interesting if William were single without the continuing saga of the family.  Amy Price-Fisher is a decent enough actor, but the character is just awful.
  3. The show spends too much time is spend on a family I don’t give a shit about, and not enough time on Arnie and Akani.  Both characters are fascinating.  We still don’t know what Akani’s addiction is, although it’s been hinted that it’s sex.  And Esteban Powell’s range is amazing.  From comic relief to serious drama, the guy is great.

Last year we saw Arnie’s slip back to using.  And Darnell’s attempts to find a nice girl.  And a possible hint to Akani’s problems.  I enjoyed these character-driven diversions from the “user of the week.”  If we had more of them, I’d be pleased.

Since I’m on the topic of television:   Remember when I said I wasn’t looking forward to watching the Supernatural episode “Heart”?  Well, I watched it anyway.  And I actually teared up at the end.  (But only just a little bit.)

Then I decided it was too depressing to finish the evening with, so I watched “Hollywood Babylon” afterward.  In retrospect, I’m sorry I did.  I think it would have done me good to think about “Heart” for a day or two.  Oh well, live and learn.


3 thoughts on “The Cleaner, season 2

  1. I agree with you on the point you make about The Cleaner.

    I miss Darnell, too, and I think that William’s team would be more balanced, if they introduced a 4th member.

    I think that it would be good if they focused on Arnie and Akani – who seem to be evolving well as characters, BTW – rather than the family, especially considered that Ben and Lula are utterly uninteresting and Melissa is grating on my nerves, too, for the reasons you mentioned.

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