Here we go again

Remember the success I had cooking from the 5 Ingredients—15 Minutes cookbook?  Much of it is gone.  (But, looking on the positive side, not all of it is gone.  Meaning I haven’t gained back all the weight I’d lost earlier in the year.)

I haven’t been feeling very well lately, and I think much of it is due to my crappy diet. I decided to devote this weekend to improving my eating habits.  This morning I sat down with the latest 5 Ingredients—15 Minutes volume, Summer 2009.  My goal was to plan some meals for the next few weeks.  I ended up identifying a slew of main dish recipes I’d like to make, and another slew of sandwiches, salads and soups; and even a couple beverages.  I didn’t get all the recipes plugged into dates, as the whole thing became a bit overwhelming.  But I found some key dishes to make this weekend.  Then I was off to the grocery store where I purchased what may be an all time dollar-amount record of groceries.  And I’ll be returning to the store later this week for more.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  Man, eating well sure is expensive.  But I think the rewards will be well worth the money.


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