Say it ain’t so!

How could I not have heard this news coming out of Comic Con?  Probably because my interest in Comic Con is limited mostly to Supernatural and, to a significantly lesser degree, other scifi tv shows.  Heaven forbid I actually be  interested in an actual comic book!

To celebrate the 600th issue (which I believe came out today) DC Comics mainstay Archie Andrews has made his life’s mate choice.  And the “lucky” girl is…

Veronica?!? What the hell?  You’ve got to be kidding me!  Even that bastion of *cough* unbiased *cough* reporting, the Washington Post, has declared that Archie is a… wait for it… jughead!  Ha!

How could Archie pick that rich manipulative bitch Veronica over All-American Betty?  My guess is it makes better “drama.”  I mean, where’s the fun in reading about Archie and Betty settling down in suburban Riverdale to raise a brood of rugrats?

I have two theories.

1.  The whole thing may be a dream.  The series leaps 5 years into the future.  I don’t know if such a move will be permanent.  Are loyal fans willing to let go of the carefree Archie whose biggest problem is his jalopy, and latch onto work-a-day Archie with a mortgage?  We read comic books to escape everyday life, not relive it.

2.  The wedding won’t take place.  Or if it does, it won’t last.  After all, where’s the fun in Archie settling down with Veronica and living off her trust fund, being a “kept” man?  Well, I guess that would be more interesting than life with Betty.

Still, I don’t believe it will happen.  But then again, I coud be in denial.


4 thoughts on “Say it ain’t so!

  1. Comics are a widely respected form of art in some countries, so there would be nothing wrong if you were interested in comic books.

    Now I’m off trying to learn more about Archie Andrews.

    • Archie Andrews is the “iconic” American teen-age boy. He and his buddies are always getting into trouble of one kind or another. (It’s hard for me to give specifics, it’s been a looooonng time since I’ve read them. But the comic books were everywhere when I was a kid.

      At one time, he even had a Saturday morning cartoon show. There was a band called “The Archies” in at least one episode. The song they sang (I can’t remember its name) actually made it to top 10, if not #1, on the radio!

      He’s definitely an American institution!

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