Retail therapy

I took this past week off.  I just needed some time to myself, both mentally and physically.  (I’m really fortunate to have that luxury.)  I had nothing particular planned, other than improving my eating.  It was great.

I’ve been wanting to buy a new sewing machine for a few years.  I have quite a bit of material and some plans for slipcovers that I’ve just been putting off.  (My current sewing machine is over 30 years old, has been to Europe and back, and is a little worse for wear, although it’s still usable.)  I knew Monday’s special of the day on HSN was going to be a sewing machine.  I decided if it was too fancy for me, I’d just order a Brother I’ve had my eye on from Amazon.  Sure enough,the special on HSN was a “top of the line” model (I think that’s actually its name), but it had so many great features and freebies (plus free shipping), I ended up ordering it.

It came on Friday and is proudly sitting on my dining room table.  (Only a couple weeks after finally getting rid of my computer that was occupying the space for about a year.  I think I see a pattern here.  Heh.   But I don’t have a sewing room set up yet, and the light there is quite good, so that’s where it’s staying for now.)

Then the retail therapy started it in full force.  I bought a Flip camcorder.  My grand-niece’s 2-year birthday party is next month and what better opportunity to use it?  Especially since the party is in Manhattan.  I can combine family time with tourist time.

The spree hasn’t quite stopped yet.  I ruined one of my bras in the wash and decided to order a new one.  Turns out I’ve wearing the wrong size, so I had to order a couple new ones.    Then I noticed my heavy duty “everything” pan’s handle is a little loose.  So what the heck.  Ming Tsai (my favorite celebrity chef) had a similar pan on QVC.  So that’s on the way.

Um, I could go on, but think I’ve embarrassed myself enough. The next time I want to bitch about my job, I better stop and be grateful for all the benefits it provides.


4 thoughts on “Retail therapy

  1. What I am planning to do is to resume knitting.

    I used to do it a lot, but then I slipped out of the habit and I don’t know why. I still have, like and wear some of the garments I made, so I guess that I can do with some new ones.

    • I was sure I’d replied to your comment, but I guess not.

      I resumed knitting a couple years ago. I’ve made a few small things but done anything in awhile.

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