Convention-al wisdom

I thought about posting this at Sci Fi Chick/s, but since it’s a rather personal view, I decided to put it here.

Creation Entertainment’s “Salute to Supernatural,” Vancouver edition is over.  I tried following some of the tweets, but as I am officially Twitter-challenged, I found it rather annoying.  When I searched for #vancon, I came back with 100s of tweets about Jared Padalecki’s flatulence. Ack! Lesson learned.

While not made of epic!fail, it sounds like there was a bit of mini!fail on the last day.  Sadly, there will always be questionable fan behavior for other fans to bitch about.  That seems to be an innate part of the Supernatural fandom.

But falling behind schedule and canceling one of the headliner’s sessions is abominable!   All Most people go to these Supernatural conventions to see Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.  And not all can (or are willing to) spend additional money to have their pictures taken with the stars or get their autographs.  Creation has been running these events for years.  They should know by now how to manage time and ticket sales.   But nooo! Apparently it is more important to oversell the money-makers than to provide the basic services.

I’m pretty cynical about conventions, especially Creation’s.   While I may think buying one minute of a star’s time for over $100 is a bit much, I understand it.  It’s part of the up-front package.  But what about those added “special” events that are auctioned off?  Bidding gets into the thousands of dollars.  And where does that money go?   For the All Hell Breaks Loose convention in Australia earlier this year, the money raised from auctioning the signed tee-shirts went to charity.   For Creation, my guess is some of it goes to the star and the rest lines the pockets of a very greedy organization.

What else would you expect from an organization that charges a $7.25 shipping and handling fee for each ticket purchased, which is then sent by e-mail?  What the fuck?

I’m really torn about conventions.   As much as I’d like to experience one, I don’t do well with crowds.  Not to mention I’m way too shy to do photo and autograph sessions, and too insecure (previous bad experience) to interact with other fans.  Guess I’ll just remain behind the faceless internet.


4 thoughts on “Convention-al wisdom

  1. Yeah, time-management does not seem to be one of Creation’s fortes. Or they just don’t care–the line of reasoning I tend to believe. I did hear, however, that the photo ops ran long because Jared and Jensen insisted on spending more time on each one, so the guests that paid for the photos got more value for their dollar. From what I heard, Jensen in particular insisted on this, and both guys would prefer if fewer photo ops were sold, so they can be better experiences for the fans, and cuts later in the day wouldn’t have to happen. Which only raises my opinion of those two even further, if that’s the case.

    • I think Creation cares—about making as much money off Jared and Jensen as possible. It does sound like the guys to want to spend as much time as possible with each fan. (Of course, I could then argue why didn’t they fight to keep Jared’s session. But I know there’s an enormous amount of business and politics involved. A Texas boy can only do so much.) 😉

  2. I’ve never been to a convention organized by Creation Entertainment, so I cannot vouch for how they work, but I have a friend (from SoCal) who did and I don’t remember her complaining about organizational issues, it was prices and their that she complained of… I think that it is the shipping and handling charges that are the most unfair, considered that their conventions and convention events tickets are not cheap and tickets are not actually and physically shipped to convention participants.

    As for Twitter, I have an account, but it isn’t really my favourite means of communication and I find it hard to follow. I like blogs and forums much better than Twitter.

    I can understand what you mean about shyness and not doing well with crowds. I’m shy, too, and I feel more at ease dealing with few people at a time. It is curious how I chose a job that had me interpreting in front of dozens of people, considered how insecure I am.

  3. I’m torn, too.

    On the one hand, YES, WTF about the e-mail handling fee. On the other, they DID refund that fee when Jared canceled the Cherry Hill con, which places like Ticketmaster don’t do. On another hand (here, let me borrow yours 🙂 ), the staff seems to be mostly volunteer, so they save employee expense–but those volunteers must get a perk out of that, e.g. shepherding the stars around.

    I found the Creation staff to be friendly, helpful, and intent on giving us a great conv. experience, and I had one. BUT it was probably the smallest SPN con ever, with no J&J and being in NJ. So…

    I’m in total agreement/disgust about the auction stuff, too.

    But I can NOT believe they canceled Jared’s session. That’s the most bogus thing ever!

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