Change of seasons

Dammit!  Summer is over and I’m not ready for fall.  I used to love fall, it was my favorite season.  Even when I was in school.  I guess I always felt like starting a new school year was a new beginning.  And I loved fall clothes.  But now it simply means I have to return to wearing nyons and close-toed shoes to work again.  Blech.

And, I need to work on putting a fall banner at the top.


4 thoughts on “Change of seasons

  1. You should be here. Summer was like fall, and now fall is like summer. The only problem is the high population of what they’re saying are soybean aphids. Otherwise referred to as “stupid little flies.” They’re everywhere, and they stick to you!

    • Yeah, I’d probably complain about sticky little flies. Even though I really long for summer. 😀

      Who knows, with the shitty (non-)career news I got today, I might be moving back to Iowa sooner than planned. (Just won’t be able to afford any Clear Lake property.)

  2. Over here in Italy, summer came very late this year, but we are still enjoying a summer-like weather now.

    However, I dread the day when I will have to wear nylons and close-toed shoes again. 😦

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