Hi, guys. It’s been awhile.

Those of you who are Supernatural fans will get the title.  Those of you who don’t, that’s ok.

My television addictions just keep coming and coming.  First it was just Supernatural.  Then last year I got into Legend of the Seeker.  And while I wouldn’t put True Blood in the addiction category (it’s not “must see tv” for me), I have been watching and recounting the second season (somewhat haphazardly) at Sci Fi Chick/s.  Then, this year, I started enjoying Warehouse 13.  It was ok for the first few episodes, but then came a string of really great episodes. And the season ender was nothing short of terrific.  So, I’ve got that addiction going now.  (And while this season was only 12 episodes, I hear they’re going for 22 next year.  I think.  Don’t quote me on that.)

But now I’ve branched out into the non-scifi realm with Project Runway and Mad Men.  I’d watched season 3 of Project Runway but stopped because it just didn’t seem fair that an asshole (especially one who already had a design business) should win the whole competition.  But for some unknown reason, I decided to watch this season.  This year’s contestants don’t seem to be all that controversial (which some say makes the show boring), but it looks like some fireworks and backstabbing may be on the way.

I’d heard so much about Mad Men, and having grown up in the 60s, decided I ought to check it out.  I started at the beginning of season 3, so there’s a lot of background I’m missing.  I just finished watching the first 3 episodes from season 1, and it’s amazing how different the characters appear to be.  Of course, with such an awesome episode last week (“Guy Walks into an Advertising Agency”) I’m anxiously awaiting tonight’s.

There are still a couple episodes of The Cleaner I haven’t watched yet.  I don’t know why I’m not enthusiastic to watch them.  The last few episodes I have seen have been pretty good.  I guess it’s that William Banks isn’t always an easy character to love; and the family stuff, even less so.

I did catch the premiere of FlashForward (which I thought was “Fast Forward,” d’oh!) and enjoyed it.  I’ll be writing about it at Sci Fi Chick/s.  See you there.


6 thoughts on “Hi, guys. It’s been awhile.

  1. I really should try to catch FlashForward, before I get too far behind. Sounds like one of those shows where you can get lost real fast. Outside of one episode of Vampire Diaries, I haven’t watched any new shows yet. Give me Supernatural, the Food Network, and History/History International, and I’m happy. 🙂

  2. I had to smile at the idea of you thinking that FlashForward was Fast Forward because it reminded me of a friend of mine who has never managed to remember “My Best Friend’s Wedding” (the movie with Julia Roberts) title, which will always be “My Wife’s First Husband” for her… Hmm, hear who’s talking… there’s a chocolate bar in Italy that I tend to think of as Comanchera instead of Companera (the latter being its true brand name)…

    I’ll have to take a look at all of the series you mentioned.

    And, btw, it sounds like A&E cancelled The Cleaner and there won’t be any more series. 😦

    • Well, gosh, that’s sad news about The Cleaner. (I think.) I’m chalking it up to the absence of Darnell and not enough emphasis on the team. I do hope we’ll get to see Benjamin Bratt in something else, either on the small or big screen. I’d really like to see him get on a great show.

      • I guess they could have turned Whoopi Goldberg’s character into the fourth member of William’s team: it would have been a good replacement for Darnell. In a sense, the second season of The Cleaner was meant to show a transition to a new balance in William’s private and professional life and it is a pity that they chose not show us the outcome of this transition. However, considered what the season finale is like, A&E cancelling the show came as no surprise to me.

        Hope something new and great will loom soon of the horizon for Benjamin Bratt.

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