My reality (tv)

With the selection of “Your Top 20” (which is not really our top 20, but rather that of the judges), So You Think You Can Dance finally becomes interesting.  Actually I enjoy the two Las Vegas episodes, but spending 1 hour going through naming the top 20 is a huge annoying bore.  But this is a show I hate to love.  There’s a lot that’s wrong with it, and last season I swore I wouldn’t agonize over watch it again.  But here I am, mildly excited to watch the special episode next Monday.  From the sounds of it, it looks like we might get to see how the judges pair up the dancers.  Cool!

My other “must see” reality show, as I’ve mentioned before, is Project Runway.  (And, I confess, my guilty pleasure is its sister show, Models of the Runway.  But more on that some other time.)  It has been kind of a lackluster season for Project Runway.  Last week the designers were supposed to dress Christina Aguilera ala Bob Mackie.  And only 2 colors came down the runway:  Black.  And white.  For shame!

Tonight’s another challenge.  The previews are always frustrating, because they give you only enough to whet your appetite without giving away anything substantial.  Heck, they never even let you know what the challenge is going to be!  How can I make my predictions on who will be “aufed” when I don’t even know what the designers will be making?  So far, my predictions have been wrong every single week.  But I’ll still go out on a limb and say it will be Gordana—mainly because Heidi seems to have it in for her.

There actually is  a blog that predicts who will win and who will be out every week.  Their means aren’t any more scientific than mine, but they put much more effort into making their decisions, so they’re sometimes right.  This week they predict Logan will be aufed.  I’d be down with that decision.  I thought he should have been gone a few weeks ago.


4 thoughts on “My reality (tv)

    • And he’s STILL there!! Are they keeping him because he’s cuter than Nicolas? If this keeps up, he’s never going to think he needs design training. Oy vey.

  1. Honestly, reality TV is not my cup of tea, series and movies are still what I love to watch, but I’ve been hearing so many people talking about reality TV and reading so many articles about it, that I took up watching some so as not be left out of conversations… How sad is that?

    • It’s not my cup of tea either. These are the only 2 reality shows that remotely interest me. And even then, I’ve probably skipped more seasons than I’ve watched.

      I took up watching some so as not be left out of conversations

      Oh dear! You need to get people interested in what you like to watch! 😉

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