PR: Around the World in Two Days

It should have been called “Around the World in One Day” since it was, once again, another 1-day challenge.

My “auf-prediction” record remains an untarnished .000!

Not that I’m complaining.  I’m glad Gordana is still in the game.  But the girl cannot get a break.  Heidi browbeats her mercilessly week after week.  Then when guest judge Milla Jonovich (who was great, by the way) tells her she needs to be more confident of her work, Heidi chastises Gordana for it. Jeez!

I admit, I am a fashion moron when it comes to this show.  One week “being wearable” is a detriment.  Next week, the design should be more predictable.  For example, I understood Christopher’s soft blue and sand tones being inspired by Santa Fe (although Milla’s suggestion of using Georgia O’Keefe’s bright, bold colors was awesome).  I also thought the chiffon fabrics he chose were a nice unexpected touch.

Nicolas's Greece-inspired pants

Nicolas's Greece-inspired pants

The horizontal pleats on Nicolas’s pants reminded me of Greek columns, and his top of the white hillside houses.  But apparently the challenge was to create something you could wear in your chosen place, not actually be inspired by it to design something unique.

As much as I don’t care for her bitchiness, Irina impressed me last night.  Not just with her Aspen-inspired design, but also to challenge herself with each design.  Of course, she had to caveat it by belittling the other designers as just trying to get by.

And something sort of unrelated:  Does anybody know where I can find screencaps of Project Runway?  I know some blogs post lots of them, but I’m looking for specific caps of the judges.


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