SYTYCD top 20

After my So You Can Think diatribe yesterday, the judges actually judged last night’s performances.  Well, most of the performances.  I credit Adam Shankman.  Once he critiqued, the others felt they needed to, too.   And for the most part, the judging was right—i.e., they agreed with me.  (You know I’m kidding here, right?)

However, I do smell shenanigans.  Billy, one of the front-running dancers dropped out due to a serious, but undisclosed illness.  So they brought in a replacement, Brandon, less than 2 days before performance.  And did they give him a break like they gave Phillip the popper last year?  Shit no!  (As you may recall, Phillip performed a horrible tango, but Nigel told America to take it easy on him.)  Last night, the judges evaluated Brandon against all the dancers who’d had an entire week to prepare.  Poor Brandon (a hip hopper doing a waltz, for Pete’s sake!).  They ripped him apart and immediately booted him off the show.

Then, one of the gals, Noelle, tore up her knee and couldn’t perform.  Even though her entire leg was in a cast, the producers gave her a bye this week. So she gets to stay on the show for another week, even though she did nothing to deserve it.  Instead, another gal, Ariana is out.  Well, unless Noelle can’t perform next week, in which case Arianna will be back.

Sometimes this show makes my head hurt.  See why I say I hate to love it?

Oh yeah!  And they never did tell us how the contestants are paired up.  *pouts*


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