Sing it! 94 weeks to retire on the wall…

Gah!  I may have picked the wrong month to do NaBloPoMo.  This new job is going to be hell.  People I have no respect for telling me what to do, senseless nit-picking, repetitive “coordination,”  and long hours of… meetings!  Yep, today was another one of those meeting days.  I barely had time to get lunch, and when I did, I couldn’t eat it.  But at least I’m doing something.  Am I making a difference in the defense of my nation?  Hell, no.  I’m just coordinating massive high-level briefings that have to be pre-briefed to everyone and their dogs, and killing a lot of trees in the process.

I kind of knew what I was getting into when  I came back to headquarters.  I just have to remember to maintain my calm (and keep my mouth shut) when something stupid occurs (which is about 4 times an hour).

And, my internet access is severely limited.  I don’t have access to, LiveJournal, or even G-mail.  (I can get to Google, and I was able to call up Television Without Pity, but not the message boards.)  I haven’t checked to see if I can access my own website.  (Not that there’s anything there.)

The downside to this is I won’t have a lot of time for “social networking.”  Since I work on a computer all day (when I’m not going to meetings), I’m not all that enthused to get on it when I get home.  But I’ll try to stay in touch.  😉


5 thoughts on “Sing it! 94 weeks to retire on the wall…

  1. Maybe this is the exact RIGHT month to NaBloPoMo! You can vent to us every day. LOL

    Hey! Entertainment Weekly says that Manny’s dad on Modern Family is going to be Benjamin Bratt! (Wednesday nights, ABC, I think 9:00 p.m.)

    • Oh, I’d feel guilty about just bitching every day. Part of it is not wanting to subject you to it, but also part of it is to leave it behind at work.

      Thanks for the Ben Bratt reminder. I had heard this, but it slipped my mind. Have you watched the show? It got a good pre-season review from TV Guide, so I’ll definitely check it out.

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