A post befitting the blog’s title

Oh my poor kitties!  I forgot to stop by the grocery store last night.  So when I finally got home we were all out of canned treats!  Couple that with the fact they haven’t adjusted to the time change, and they were chomping at the bit.  Fortunately, I remembered tonight, and they’ve all been happily slurping up their goodies.

I’m thinking about turning in my piece of shit cell phone (Samsung Sway) and cancelling my Verizon contract. (Yes, I know I’ll have to pay a penalty.)  I’ve been looking at a couple options for a smart phone that would allow me some internet access at lunch time.  (Yes, it’s true.  I really am addicted.)  So I’m thinking of letting you all decide.  Except first I have to figure out how to do a poll here at WordPress.com  I know you can do it with PollDaddy (which Automattic now owns), but I think you have to do something to set it up, and I’m not in the mood to figure it out tonight.  Look for it this weekend.

Speaking of WordPress.com, I wanted to remind my fellow users (yes, I’m looking at you, Suzanne!) that you have to manually set your time back to Standard time.  You have to manually change your time back to Standard time.  So far, the geniuses (and I mean that with all sincerity—I’m in awe of them!) haven’t figured how to do it automatically.  Or they’re just too busy working on other improvements.

I also picked up a TV Guide at the grocery store.  (But forgot the red wine.  Maybe that’s a good thing.)  I wonder if they’ll make special mention of this week’s Supernatural, since Fangirl Says says it’s super-awesome. Probably not, because TV Guide sucks.  , take that TV Guide!

Speaking of something Sci Fi Chick/ish, does V start tonight?  Crap, it’s only Tuesday.


2 thoughts on “A post befitting the blog’s title

    • I didn’t catch the time thing until Sunday when I was posting at 5:00ish and the post said 6:00ish.

      And yes, I caught V. And the characters are introduced in the TV Guide. Which I’m now going to curl up in bed & read.

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