Smile for the camera!

I have horrible teeth.  Not that they’re filled with cavities, theyr’e not.  But they are unsightly.  I have a cap (crown), a bridge and little teeth, all within smiling distance.  And none of them match.  So, I decided to look into cosmetic dentistry.  My hairdresser gave me the name of two cosmetic dentists, and one is even a Navy vet.  I thought about seeing her, but since (most of) the work can be done by my regular dentist (and I really like him), I had him take a look.

I just came back from my consult with him.  The bad news, it’s very expensive—even more than I thought it would be.  The good news is my insurance will most likely pay for about half of the cost of replacing the cap and the bridge.  Of course, it won’t pay for the veneers (which are even more expensive than the bridge!), but it does put a limit on how much the dentist can charge for the veneer, and that works in my favor.  Plus, there are a couple of financing companies that offer 18 months interest free payments.

What’s surprised me is how much it lifted my spirits.  By having the goal of a better smile, it seems to make work more palatable.  Like I finally have something to work for, and something to look forward to.

As for the camera, Time magazine is coming tomorrow to take pictures for an article they’re writing.  My guess is the article is about the new Cyber Command, which is being made up of NSA and my command.  They’re not supposed to show up until 5:00 pm, and I’m normally gone by then, but perhaps I’ll stick around to see what’s up.  Or maybe not.

Did you watch the V pilot last night?  Yeah?  What’d ya think?


3 thoughts on “Smile for the camera!

  1. A professional teeth cleaning is what I go to the dentist for, as I am lucky enough to have teeth that never gave me much trouble. I know I should be wearing braces because I have a gap between my upper front teeth, but I’ve decided against it for now.

    • That gap is very chic! Lauren Hutton has it, so does Anna Pacquin, and the gal who plays the lead on Torchwood. I wouldn’t change it if I were you. You’re in very good company.

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