The only thing that’s keeping me motivated for NaBloPoMo is the little badge I  —> made.  Otherwise, I’d just call it quits tonight.

I’ve once again become disenchanted with my foray into reality television.  I was so mad at the shenanigans on So You Think You Can Dance (giving one dancer a bye for an injury, while kicking an able-bodied [and competent] dancer off) that I quit watching and canceled any future recordings.  And although I haven’t yet watched last night’s Project Runway, what I’ve read about how the judges treated one of the designers has ticked me off.  (And I even knew who the three finalists were.)

The Supernatural fandom is gaga over last night’s episode “Switching Channels,” but I just rolled my eyes.  Yeah, some of it was funny.  But lots of it were groan-worthy.  It was anther one of those episodes that starts off very funny and winds up very serious.  But that’s already been done better—twice.  Both “Mystery Spot” and “The Monster at the End of This Book” were far more entertaining.  In those episodes, the humor was silly (and even somewhat intelligent) without being over the top; and the finale was thought-provoking without having to elevate the characters to EPIC  PROPORITIONS.

Enough with the hammer, already, Kripke.  You too, Jeremy Carver.

On the other hand, it you want good, no, great juvenile comedy, watch the hysterically funny It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  (Yes, it puts Community to shame.)


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