So much for polls

Thanks to all who voted (all 3 of you—yes, I voted, too).  But circumstances seem to be working against me.

I originally decided to go with the “Google phone,”  but after I’d filled out all the necessary information, I was told I’d have to go to a T-Mobile store to verify that I am me.   Apparently T-Mobile thinks I am shady.  I find that very hard to believe, since I’m pretty damn open on the Internet.  Maybe they just weren’t used to working with someone with a high credit score.

After waiting a day to cool down, I ordered an iPhone yesterday.  The AT&T website said it would arrive tomorrow (i.e., today) by FedEx.  I just went downstairs to collect my mail and found a FedEx delivery notice stuck to the mailbox.  The asshole delivery person didn’t even bother to see if I was home.   I called FedEx and was told it was to late to reschedule delivery today and that I’d have to wait until Monday.  I was so irritated, I cancelled the delivery and am having the phone sent back to AT&T.

Yes, I know I acted rashly.  Obviously, I’m having second thoughts about getting a smart phone.  There’s no guarantee I’d be able to use it in the cafeteria at work, and I might not be able to use it at all when my office moves to Ft Meade.  I’ve managed to survive without social web access at work so far.  Maybe it’s all for the best.


3 thoughts on “So much for polls

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the mishap with the purchase of a smart phone.

    After a long series of failed delivery attempts because parcel recipients weren’t home and complaints against delivery persons who left a notice without checking whether the people they had to deliver parcels to were home, FedEx (and other companies such as UPS) decided to call recipients to arrange parcel delivery with them so that delivery are scheduled when they are sure to find someone home in Italy.

    What has kept me from getting a smart phone is my fear that I would really become addicted to social web access.

    • Well, I’m now waffling. There’s an AT&T store near me & I may visit them this weekend. (Or call FedEx back to see if they can deliver on Mon.) I’m such a waffle-er.

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