Disappearing act

I’ve been so busy during the day, I just flop when I get home.  And since I work in IT and sit in front of a computer most of the day, I have no interest in getting online when I get home.  And since, I don’t have WordPress or LiveJournal at work, I can’t get up to date during lunch.  I’m afraid I’m going to lose touch with all my LJ friends.

The good news is, while I can’t say I love my job, I feel I’m making things better.  I haven’t felt that way since 2001.

The job is not really “important” in the grand scheme of things, but it’s a program  the big boss, a 3-star general, likes.  (For you non-military types, there’s only a 4-star general ranks higer.)

I’ve even had a few small successes.  I was able to charm the general’s aide.  (Actually, all I said was “I used to be a Navy officer,” and his whole demeanor changed.)  And I got a small kudo from the general himself.

But the best reward came from my team.

During a meeting that included a couple team members, a guy we’ll call “Joe” asked me was where I was slated to go in the new organization.  (That new organization being the new CyberCom which you may [or may not] have heard about.)   I told him I’m destined for  a division of shift work.  (A trauma in and of itself which is I won’t discuss here.)   During the meeting, Joe got off on some pretty broad tangents (good tangents, but we were pressed for time that he was taking up).  The next day, I mentioned how the 2 team members who’d been with me got a chance to see how Joe’s mind works.  Instead, they told me they really didn ”t pay much attention in the meeting.  All they could think about was losing me.

Wow.  Only in the last few years have I realized I’m actually a good leader.  So to not only be working for lousy bosses, but also having them not listen to me, has been extremely draining.  Being in a position where I’m making a change for the better has been a great boost to my morale.  And being appreciated for it, especially by these folks who are truly awesome, means the world to me.

Of course, this euphoria might be due to the fact that all the idjits were out last week.


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