My drive to work this morning was really annoying.  First of all, I think I hit every red light possible.  And other drivers were were doing weird and crazy things.  (Of course I can’t remember specifically those weird and crazy things were now, but trust me, whatever it was, it was out of the ordinary.  And weird. )  I wondered if there must be a full moon.  On the way home, I saw the moon.  Guess what?  It was full!  (I am awesome.  Sometimes.)

As for me, I left my wallet at work.  I had my purse, but my wallet is in my file cabinet.  I didn’t find out until I stopped at the post office (it’s already getting busy!) to mail a package.  Oops.  Guess the full moon got me, too.

I did up some stats today for the Supernatural casualty challenge.  They are really interesting.  I’m going to post something about them on Sci Fi Chick/s.  Hopefully later tonight.  After I wrap a couple Christmas presents.  And sort through the mail.


3 thoughts on “Miscellany

  1. Does rain have the same effect on drivers as a full moon? 😉 I had to drive to the post office today to mail a couple of packages and thought I would have had better to wait till tomorrow. I have to say, though, that people over here were maybe just in hurry to get through the day today and be off for the long weekend ahead (next Tuesday is a holiday in Italy).

    BTW, I have to retrieve my digital address book from the external hard drive I saved it to when I changed my computer (actually, I changed my computer twice this year) to start sending Christmas cards.

      • Possibly so… Hmm, certainly so, I remember a TV program about road safety and education for children where a lesson to a primary school class was shown and when the teacher asked her pupils what their fathers did when a traffic light turns yellow and one of the children replied “He accellerates!”

        In fact, Parisians seems to be the only foreigners who are at ease and sometimes even enjoy driving in Italy.

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