Al. Most. Done!

What?!?  No Supernatural tonight?!?!  I don’t care if it is a rerun, it’s on my death-toll watch schedule, and there’s already not enough weeks to rerun everything.  Well, I’ll show them!  I’ll just watch the copy that’s on my DVR.  So there, Vampire Diaries!

I spent some time at the post office on my way home tonight.  Actually, it wasn’t too bad.  But when I got to the very front of the line, some asshole starts nervously running around in front of the counter.  I thought maybe he’d forgotten his credit card or something, but nope, he was looking for a pen.   One of the clerks gave him one.  Then, when I get to the counter, he does his routine again.  The clerk next to me (the one who gave him the pen) tells him he has to pay for it.  (I don’t know what “it” was, nor do I care.)  He said “Do I have to get in line?”  The clerk said no and let him pay for whatever.  My clerk was pissed!  He commented on all the people waiting in line.  And then he rolled his eyes.  I love him!

I have one present left to mail.  My schedule had me going to UPS tomorrow.  (Yes, my life is one schedule after another, but it seems to be working so far.)  But it’s still early enough, so I’m going to do it tonight.  Unlike my previous packages, this one is already packed and boxed.  It should be a breeze.  If I can find a parking spot.  And then I will reward myself by going to Baja Fresh and getting a shrimp burrito.  And maybe some chips.  I already have dessert; leftovers from our office Christmas party.  Yummm!


One thought on “Al. Most. Done!

  1. My “what?!?” is about Modern Family not being on this week and it not being on till January 6… wonderful timing to go on a hiatus, as around Christmas and New Year’s Day I usually have more time to watch TV.

    I started to mail presents well in advance this year. As mail is usually slower at Christmas time, I set a deadline for me to send international packages by December 5, I sent packages bound for Italy along with them. My hope is that this year presents will actually reach the people they are intended for by Christmas… I’ve got a long series of Christmas presents mailed around mid-December and received around mid-January (the record is a package that was sent to me on December 15 and I received on February 14)

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