We’re supposed to get over 10″ (and more like 15-20″) of snow tomorrow.  In a place where 4″ is a blizzard!  The  weatherman says it’s going to be the biggest storm we’ve seen in years.  The governor of Virginia has already declared a state of emergency—and not one flake has fallen!

I was supposed to get my hair cut in the morning and had another appointment in the afternoon about 30 miles away.  I just called the salon and they said my hairdresser is planning on coming in tomorrow.  But she lives fairly far out in the area that’s supposed to get the most snow.  I think once she gets up and sees the snow, she’ll reconsider.  Of course, if she doesn’t work, she doesn’t get paid.  Worse, this area is overflowing with Type-A types who’ll probably be pissed if she doesn’t come in.  But geez, her husband had a heart transplant a few years ago.  I think it’s better for her to be safe.

Although I didn’t really need anything from the grocery store, I stopped by to get some cheese I’ve become very fond of.  And since I was thinking about baking (pumpkin pies) this weekend, I picked up some eggs and condensed milk.  The store was crraazzzyy!  One youngish guy came by with his cart full of  beer.  (Hee!)  Later, when he was picking up some kitty litter (double hee!), I noticed he had some sodas, too.  He probably won’t get a chance to get to the store before Sunday football, so I figured he was getting ready for the game.  [Oh, I just realized he was probably getting the litter for his car.  He didn’t really look like a cat person.]

As I passed the gas station, there was a line there, too.  I’m so happy I filled my tank earlier this week!

And I am so freakin’ double uber-happy I got all my Christmas presents out last night!


2 thoughts on “SNOWWWWW!

  1. Hee! It’ll look like Iowa! You can make fun of all the people who have no clue how to deal with snow! Tell stories about back in Iowa you had to walk to school in eight feet of snow, uphill, both ways! Double hee! ;D

    • Ha! The news/weather/traffic radio station’s website allows people to comment to articles. The comments to the storm article were hilarious! And yes, someone even talked about walking to school in eight feel of snow, uphill, both ways! Bwaahaa!

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