Where’s the shovel?

The great snow storm of oh-nine has come and gone.  The biggest snowstorm in the history of the region left us with 16½” of snow at Reagan National Airport (only a couple miles from me),  6′ piles of snow left by the plows, beautiful 4′ drifts, and lots of tired, aching muscles.  Oh, and a Federal government that’s closed tomorrow.  Snow day!  Wheeee!

I went to bed last night absolutely dreading today.  I decided I’d go out 3 times and work for 15 minutes each.  When I went out the first time, about 9:30, my neighbor was out cleaning off his car.  (Well, not his, but his wife/co-habitant’s.)  Turns out he’s an old pro.  He’s from Connecticut and went to college in upstate New York.  And he’s young.  And male (better upper-body strength, ya know).  God bless him, he helped me clean off my car and shovel me out.  Then he helped my other neighbor.  She’s baking him cookies.  Perhaps I’ll bake a pie for him.  Anyone got a better idea of something to do for him?

So, here’s the pre-shovel wonderland.

Mother Nature's canopy

I have a canopy!

It was very kind of Mother Nature to leave part of my car snow-free.  Well, until we cleaned off the roof.  We figured there was about 18″ of snow on top.  Even more on my neighbor’s.

Mother Nature's artestry

My neighbor has an even bigger canopy!

I’ve always been fascinated with the physics of snow and wind and structures.  My neighbor’s car (gigantic Ford Exporer) served as a bit of a wind breaker.  I hated to demolish Mount Subaru.

Another view of the drifts

Under the canopy.

You can’t really see it here, but there’s a pile of snow on the side mirror that goes strait up for about 5″.  Also gives you an idea of how much the snow drifted past the car.

I came inside about 11:00 and promptly too some Motrin and a 2½ hour nap.


7 thoughts on “Where’s the shovel?

    • Yep, it did bring back memories, especially about snow fences.

      Heh, I woke up in the middle of the night and was afraid I’d read the closing wrong. What if it meant closed on Sunday? So I got up, checked the OPM (Office of Personnel Management) website and they actually specified Monday. Whew!

  1. So there is someone else bound for a white Christmas this week. 😉

    In Italy, we got a lot of snow last Friday and more is forecast to fall this week. As I’m basically a telecommuter and don’t have to drive around that much, I quite like the white world out of my window.

    As for commuters, those who are faring the worst over here are those taking trains. Don’t ask me how they did it in being fast in clearing roads and airport runways from snow, while they are having problems “cleaning” rails.

    • The Metro had to shut down here. It runs via a “3rd rail” that became covered with snow. Several years ago there was a horrible storm and the 3rd froze, so they added a heating element. But apparently it couldn’t keep up with the downfall and the the rail became covered with snow.

      Italian drivers in the snow? Give me nightmared! 😀

      • To tell you the truth, car accidents don’t increase over here as much as it could be expected when it snows or has just snowed. Crazy as they seem to be, Italian drivers must drive better and/or have better reflexes than you would think.

        Anyway, inner city trains are the means of transport that is working best at the moment in Italy, perhaps because they run underground and so they are overcrowded but unaffected by the weather. It is the trains connecting different cities or cities with their suburbs that are having problems.

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