Christmas can come now

I guess it’s too late to delete the cursing & swearing post, isn’t it?  Oh, the saga of the Subaru.  It wasn’t the battery, so I had to have it towed to the dealership.  There, I spilled a full cup of hot coffee, not only making a mess, but burning my had in the process.  Then I learned I had flooded the engine. Now, I know all about preventing an engine from flooding, so I was conscious not to pump the gas pedal too much.  But I guess it was an automatic reaction when the car didn’t start right away.  Used to be you didn’t keep the ignition in “start” too long for fear of draining the battery.   But these new fangled cars work so differently from those of the olden days, you have to throw out all the old driving lore of yore.

Once I was up and running then went to the grocery store.  They didn’t have any pecan pie (not even frozen!) and were out of the orange rolls I like to have Christmas morning.  How dare they interfere with my Christmas tradition!  It put me in a bah humbug frame of mind.  But I stopped again last night after work, and they had the rolls.  I still couldn’t find any pecan pie, so I asked the bakery.  My timing was excellent.  They had just brought a whole bunch of boxes in.   It didn’t even have the price on it yet.  🙂

This morning I was feeling kind of sad that I didn’t get anything for the cats.  Since we had a short work day today, I stopped at the pet store on the way home.  The store is in the shopping center that has the worst traffic pattern even in good weather.  So imagine the horror with snow piles heaped all over!

I hear Iowa’s getting hammered with a big storm right now.  The radio said they might get record breaking snows.  Record breaking snow for DC is about 2 feet;  I can’t imagine what it is for Iowa.  So I’ll send good thoughts to all my Iowa friends for a safe and sound and warm Christmas.


4 thoughts on “Christmas can come now

  1. Around here, we’ve had rain all day. But it’s supposed to turn to snow and get windy overnight. We’ll see what it looks like when I get up in the morning. We’ve already cancelled tomorrow’s drive to Des Moines. But I have a plan for chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn for dinner, so we’ll just stuff ourselves at home instead of at my aunt’s house.

    Have a Merry Christmas with your kitties! Don’t forget to leave wrapping paper laying around for them to play with. Tig’s having a heyday with his.

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