La-la-la la-la

I haven’t watched American Idol since the first season.  (Same with Survivor.)  Not sure why I don’t care for AI, because I love singing.

This Tuesday, Susan Boyle and Adam Lambert were on Oprah this Tuesday.  As soon as I heard about it, I set my DVR.

I know Susan Boyle gets flak from some, saying her voice is ok but not great, and that her fame comes from the fact that she’s middle-aged and (was) frumpy.  I don’t agree.  It’s not because I too am middle-aged and frumpy.  It’s because I think her voice is incredibly beautiful.  Her appearance on Oprah only reinforced my opinion.  Her voice is rich and full and expressive.  It’s just lovely.

She does seem a hard person to interview.  She didn’t open too much about her reaction to not winning Britain’s Got Talent.  I was hoping she’d say something like Piers Morgan said after the finale—that coming in second was probably the best thing for her, especially since she’d been under such enormous pressure.

I was curious to see & hear Adam Lambert.  I’d heard about him during his time on American Idol, but never tuned in.  I have to say, I was massively impressed.  And that was before he sang even one note.  I loved his maturity.  He hadn’t been satisfied with where he was in his life, so he looked for guidance and decided to make a change, which led to AI.    He talked about singers taking Simon Cowell’s criticism personally, but said he appreciated it because it made him a better singer.  (I don’t know if Cowell ever criticized him, though.)

He has a wonderful energy.  He was excited about surprising a couple of his fans, a mother and daughter.  They were singing one of his songs and he came up behind them singing the next line.  Aww.  He talked about his new life, how it’s so much more than he ever hoped for; how he’s grateful for every day, because you never know when it’s  going to end.

Then he sang.  (Sorry, I  know its title.)  It started as a ballad, but as soon as he went into the rock mode, the audience jumped up, danced and sang with him.  Yes, even Oprah.    I thought, how infectious his happiness and energy is.  Oprah asked him what he feels on stage.  He said it’s an adrenaline rush.  But honestly, to me, it’s like he’s reached Nirvana.  He just made me smile.

All while wearing serioius eye-shadow, blush, and lipstick.  (Damn, he’d make a pretty girl.  His blue eyes are just mesmerizing.)  I may have to buy his album.  ♥


7 thoughts on “La-la-la la-la

  1. I’ve heard Susan Boyle singing and her voice is truly wonderful and her success made me think there’s still room for talent in a world (music) where good looks or outrageousness seemed to win over talent.

    • Especially for women. You can be a frumpy guy, and still be hot. But with women, once your looks go, it’s over. I hate that double standard, and it’s still prevalent.

      • Yep, the show biz can be very cruel towards women. I hate it when I see aging guys being still in great demand, while it is not so much the case for women, even if they age gracefully and have a lot of talent.

    • Well, his voice is very good, but I doubt I’d be able to pick it out in a line up. I just think he’s a great entertainer and was surprised at how grounded he seems to be.

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