Hunkering down

The one saving factor of the Great Snowfall of ’09 I thought, was that we’d most likely be done with Big Snow this winter.  Wrong! So now we’re expecting even more snow than we got in December.  It’s the Great Snowstorm of… Ten?  One-oh?

The neighbors are having a little storm party tonight.  And because I live in a condo with a covered stairwell, I don’t even have to put on my snow boots to go!  I was told there will be libations.  Woohoo!

I hear the grocery stores were busy last night and today—even at 6:00 in the morning.  Fortunately, I went to the grocery store on Tuesday evening to pick up some milk (already had enough bread and toilet paper), and a few other things—most importantly, cat treats.  (Life would be hell if I didn’t have them the next few days.)   Apparently one of the big items this time around is cheese.  Some woman on the radio said there was no cheese anywhere.  She asked, indignantly, “Who needs that much cheese?”  Well, it is Super Bowl weekend, so I imagine cheese and chips and wings and whatnot were on a lot of peoples’ lists.

Me?  I already have enough cheese.  I stocked up on ice cream.  😀


One thought on “Hunkering down

  1. I think it had been years since I last saw so much snow as this winter. In northern Italy, snow has been falling at regular intervals since November 09 and we’re expecting more to fall this week.

    Hope the storm party went well. I wish I lived in a condo where storm parties are a possibility, but apart from a family I am on friendly terms with, I doubt the others would participate in one.

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