I is a idjit

I have a very busy week this week.  Whereas we normally have 2 big meetings (those video-teleconferences I’ve mentioned) a month, one week apart, this month we have 2 big meetings this week and one next week.  So, since the Federal government was closed yesterday, I decided I’d go into work early this morning. (Which meant I got up before the alarm and didn’t listen to the news.)  And because I was going to be briefing the Big Boss, I “dressed up”  (meaning I didn’t wear jeans).  And because I was so tired of putting my snow boots on and taking them off, I wore regular shoes.

Big.  Mistake!

There was a lot of ice by my car, and the roads were horrible.  Horrible! By the time I got to work (and I don’t have that far to drive), my stomach was in knots and I had chest pains.  I was really worried.  And the walk from my car to the building was just as crappy, if not worse.  (Because I am not a Big Wig, I don’t rate a reserved parking space—which I believe I have bitched [or whined] about here before—and had to walk through the slush and snow.  In my nice shoes.)

It was a ghost town.   The 24×7 folks were there, and a few people who work hourly, but no one else.  Not even the Big Boss.  Or the Little Boss, for that matter.  I turned on my computer and what’s the first e-mail I see?  The Government is closed today.  Again!  Well, having been on the roads, I can truly say that was the right call.  So, I directed my work phone to home (just in case anyone call calls about the big meeting planned for tomorrow) and came home.

And it’s now clouding over, getting ready to snow.  A-freaking-gain!


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