I’m a big girl now

I’ve decided on a china pattern.

“What?!?” you say?  Yes, I have never had a china pattern.  Well, that’s not quite true, but I’ll get to that in a moment.  It’s kind of the curse of being single.  When you get married, you register for household stuff.  Ok, in today’s society, with blended families, that’s not always the case.  But for the most part, it’s true.  Even my best friend, who got married at 39 and already had a house full of stuff, registered.  But single people have to set up a home without that luxury.  Then again, I guess the gifts are in exchange for the cost of the wedding.  So I just killed my own argument.  Rats.

Firelight crystal by Lenox

Lenox's Firelight pattern

Nonetheless, my mother liked my idea.  Even my best friend thought it was a good idea.  (It made gift-shopping easier.)  The problem was I could never decide on a pattern.  This was my dilemma:  I had picked out Lenox Firelight for my crystal, but I also inherited my mother’s silver (-plate, which in today’s world is still hugely expensive).  The silverware is not really my taste, but I want to use it.  Finding a china pattern that bridged that gap was daunting.

Several years ago, said best friend and I picked out a pattern.  Eventually I bought 5 place settings.  Then it was discontinued.  I really didn’t want to go to Replacements.com, mostly because I really didn’t care for the pattern.  (I’d been too heavily influenced by my friend.)  It was a nice match for my silver, but didn’t go at all with the crystal.  So ever since then, off and on, I’ve been searching for a china pattern.

This weekend, I finally found it.

I’d been looking online (with a goblet, fork and knife in front of the monitor) for a few weeks.  Eventually I narrowed it down to 2 patterns, Notting Hill by Wedgwood, and Padova by Waterford.  Then I decided to also look at Wedgwood’s Sloane Square, which is much more contemporary.  On Saturday, I stopped by Macy’s to check everything out in person.  I’m so glad I did!  I picked up the Firelight and Firelight Platinum samples and pulled out my knife and fork.  Padova looked lovely.  Sloane Square did not.  Notting Hill wasn’t too bad, but turns out it has a wide band of “frosting” (I’m not sure what to call it, kind of a “matte” finish) that didn’t show up on the computer monitor, and was never mentioned in the descriptions.

And so, it was decided.  But then, something in the crystal display caught my eye.  It was Lenox’s Vintage Jewel pattern (which, incidentally had been one of the early china pattern contenders).  It’s quite a bit fancier than Firelight, but oh my gosh.  When I held it up to the china, the light just sparkled and dispersed into a thousand tiny rainbows.  I was mesmerized.  And it actually does a better job of bridging the silverware-china gap.  So that’s being added to the list.  (But I’m not giving up on the Firelight and F. Platinum.  Who says I can’t mix my crystal patterns?)

See?  (This is not my silver, but comes it’s the closest I could find until I take a picture of it.)

Now you know what to get me for Christmas and my birthday!  😉


2 thoughts on “I’m a big girl now

  1. Since it is increasingly frequent in Italy is that couples about to get married register for their honeymoon instead of household stuff and I can understand why. I have friends who got married after they had been living with their boyfriend/girlfriend for some time and they didn’t need household stuff, so it made perfect sense that they would ask friends and relatives to contribute to their honeymoon cost.

    And I see another injustice here. Why do couples who get married are given many gifts, while couples who movie in together without getting married aren’t (or aren’t given as many)?

    Anyway, I love the china you’ve chosen.

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