Stress tests

Sometimes, life is hard


I don’t think I’ll have any problem using my flex-spending dollars this year.

Monday I had my annual stress test.  When I got to the doctor’s office, I was told I had to pay the $300 deductible, since this was the first visit of the year.  The two tests I had scheduled,  an echo-cardiogram and the stress test, totaled significantly more than my yearly deductible. At least I’m solvent and could pay the $300, but still, it was quite a shock.

But wait.  It gets better.

Today I went to the dentist to have my broken tooth checked.  (I broke it last Thursday eating cheese and crackers.  Fortunately, it didn’t hurt, which is why I was able to go the weekend without having it looked at.)  With replacing the filling and the broken tooth part, the dentist recommended a crown.  Which meant today was quite a bit longer and a tad more painful than I’d planned.  The last time I had a temporary crown put in, it hurt like hell.  This time wasn’t nearly as bad.  (I really like this dentist.  I did not like the other one.  In fact, I thought about suing him, but that’s another story.)

Then came next stress—the bill.  Over $500!  And that’s with the insurance!  I guess the cosmetic dentistry will have to wait until next year.

But wait!  There’s more!

Tonight, one of my downstairs neighbors said water was dripping in her bathroom.  I knew my toilet was running, but I hadn’t had a chance to call the plumber yet.  (Even with the toilet running, it shouldn’t have leaked like that.)  I called the plumber and left a message.  Then another downstairs neighbor called with the same problem.  (I live on the top floor and have 3 floors below me.  The 3rd downstairs neighbors haven’t called because they haven’t come home yet.)  When I went into my bathroom, my damn toilet had overflowed.  Oy. So I mopped up the mess and turned off the water to the toilet.  And now am waiting for the plumber to call back.

When it rains, it (literally, in this case) pours.  My stress-coping mechanism has kicked in.   I want comfort food.  Perhaps I’ll go out for Chinese.


6 thoughts on “Stress tests

  1. Whenever I hear/read about how much it cost to go to the doctor in the USA, I’m happy I live in Europe and I can go to the doctor without having to worry about how much the bill will amount to, as the bill is usually under 100 Euros and its partly deductible.

      • My father had a heart attack 7 years ago and he got the emergency treatment for free and he pays about 50 Euros for each of all of the followup tests that he has to take twice a year (I think).

    • Ha! The plumber’s here right now and should be done shortly. (Didn’t get here yesterday because I rate below people without heat, which I fully understand.)

      I was going to see if I could just take the rest of the week off to sooth my frazzled nerves, but I guess that’s not going to happen. Not that I’d do anything useful with the time off, mind you. 😉

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