Highly recommended!

Y’all know I drive a 2009 Subaru Forester, right?  Shortly after I bought it in November 2008, Subaru started its “Share the Love” campaign.   I missed out having my purchase contribute to one of my favorite charities, the ASPCA via the event.  But since the ASPCA is already one of my biggest beneficiaries, I didn’t feel too bad.

I get e-newsletters from the ASPCA regularly.  I also get e-newsletters from Subaru.  And last week I got an email from both of them together, sort of.   It was actually from the ASPCA, talking about Subaru’s “Dog tested. Dog approved.” ad campaign.  Check out the videos.  They are too adorable for words.  (I’ve actually seen the one with the cat who cuts them off in the parking lot.)  Both Olive, the driver, and Zelda, the classic music-loving passenger, were adopted.  And I imagine the other animals featured in the ads were too.

What tickles me to no end is that the Subaru featured is my car.  Well, the souped up version of my Forester.  I don’t have the fancy radio or leather seats.  But I do have the sage green metallic color with tinted windows and panoramic sun roof.  I’m famous!  In an obtuse sort of way.


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