It’a about time!

Hi there.  Remember me?  It’s been quite an eventful few weeks.

Had I posted 3 weeks ago, I would have written about the success my team had during the 3x as busy month of March, only to fall short on our last game.  Of course, a fumble by us is still highly acceptable compared to the mediocrity that runs rampant through our agency.  But we still got chewed out and the team was pretty bummed.

Had I posted 2 weeks ago, I would have talked about my job dilemma.  The people I work for decided to create a position for me as the division’s deputy.  But even if the position was approved, there was no guarantee I’d be selected to fill it.

But I’m posting this week.  And this past week has been hell.  One of the bosses, whom we’ll call Jim, seems to have made me his punching bag.  I’m not sure why, but it seems this is his modus operandi.   I don’t dislike Jim, he’s got some great leadership qualities, but he’s been unreasonably demanding of me, and I’ve  reached my breaking point.

I missed three important work-related “fun” events last week.  Event #1 was the division’s going-away lunch for one of my best guys.  Then, Thursday evening was a happy hour my team had planned since March.  It was initially planned as a celebration of surviving March, but of course it also turned into our farewell to Matt.  I didn’t make that either.  A little before 6 pm they called from the bar asking if I’d make it.  I told them if I got out before 7, I’d come.  At 6:20 I’d logged off one network, and was looking up the pub on Mapquest, when my boss came in and wanted to make changes.  So, I didn’t get out before 7.  😦

But the final straw came on Friday.  It was the agency’s annual awards event.  There was a big ceremony for all the winners at some fancy hotel.  My team had won one of the awards.  But on Thursday afternoon, Jim gave me a huge task that I had to finish by the end of Friday.  (Initially, we were supposed to have all this upcoming week to work on it.)  Consequently, I could not attend the ceremony in which my team—My Team, of which I am a part, whom I wrote up, and for whom I was supposed to accept—was recognized.  Now that is just plain fucked up.

Oh, and all those evenings I worked late?  It had been 90 degrees outside.  And our air conditioning isnt’ turned on yet.  Not only was it hot when I got home, with all the windows open, the place was also filled with pollen.  Great.

Yeah, I’m bitter.


3 thoughts on “It’a about time!

  1. If you wish to be kind to your boss, you can think that he was testing you to see if you really qualify to be your division’s deputy, though it should have been obvious that you do, since the position was created for you.

    Anyway, I can see how you can be bitter, having missed all the fun part of your job lately and being left only with the hard one.

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