I am a blog-o-phile.  I won’t say “blog-aholic” because I don’t post often enough for it to be an addiction.  No.  I’ll say blog-ophile, in that I’m a lover of blogs.  I have 4 of them.  On alone.

  1. This one, originally (years ago!) intended to be a memoir of my parents, but which is mainly about life musings
  2. SciFi Chicks, where I’ve halfheartedly tried to review television shows (yes, mostly scifi/fantasy/horror, but there was the occasional Modern Family and Mad Men)
  3. Ms. Pack Bratt, where I was going to chronicle my efforts at getting my home fixed up, and
  4. a private one that I use for testing (themes and such)

To make matters worse, I have 2 blogs at LiveJournal.  I went there because that’s where all the cool Supernatural fans hung out.  And stayed to create bright, shiny squares.

Oh look!  Samples of bright, shiny squares, aka user pics, aka icons, aka avatars

Oh!  And then there were all the “stand-alone” WordPress blogs on my website.  Which I hadn’t upgraded versions in a long while.  And which eventually introduced a butt-load of viruses on the site, causing the hosting company to deactivate it.

That’s too many blogs!  How can I possibly post to each of them with any consistency?  Especially with a fairly demanding job.  And so, I’ve decided to let go of SciFi Chicks and Ms. Pack Brat.  I’m not deleting them, because I don’t want to lose those excellent names; I’m just going to let them go dormant for awhile, and talk about those things here.

And while I’m at it, I think I’ll go check out some of the new themes available here at  Maybe one of them will have everything I want. Yeah, don’t count on it.


3 thoughts on “Blog-ophile

  1. I have a passion for blogs, too, and forums (I guess the web 2.0 is my element), and I reached a point where I was involved in too many of them, so I had to cut back on some to get my life back.

      • People are not leaving comments on the site, but emails sent via the site contact form tell me that they are reading what is on it: perhaps there are not many of them, but there are a few.

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