Farewell “Law & Order”

Benjamin Bratt as Rey Curtis

Man, this guy is handsome!

It was the first; and for a long time, the only; and some might say, still the best.  But it all ends tonight.  I haven’t watched Law & Order with any regularity since 1999, but it will always hold a special place in my heart.

Law & Order changed my life.  The show became my first “fandom” and spurred my foray into the internet.  I joined list-servers, spending hours asking questions and making snippy pithy comments.  I learned web design.  I made new friends.

Perhaps you’ve heard the story.  While I always liked the show, I wasn’t motivated enough by Mike Logan’s replacement to continue watching the show.   While pictures showed him to be just about the most attractive thing I’d ever seen (even though I’d never heard of the actor), the description of his character, a conservative married man with 3 children, wasn’t at all interesting.

Benjamin Bratt as Benjamin Bratt

The picture that caught my eye

But then, a year or so later, I saw the picture on the right in TV Guide.  It wasn’t the handsome guy with the gold badge, but he looked kind of like a guy I’d dated.   Turns out their racial backgrounds were sort of similar.  Both had one South American parent and one Caucasian.  And the actor had lived the life I’d dreamed of; raised in San Francisco, majored in drama in college.  Only later did I learn of a 3rd dream lived—he played saxophone in high school.  A Benjamin Bratt fan was born.

I probably won’t watch the series finale tonight since I’ve lost touch with who’s who.  Then again, I’d like seeing what becomes of D.A. Jack McCoy and Lt. Anita Van Buren.  Heck, maybe Anita will finally make Capt!


3 thoughts on “Farewell “Law & Order”

  1. I’ve not been watching it regularly either since when Benjamin Bratt quit the show, but I still watched Law & Order occasionally, and I feel like its being cancelled is the end of an era.

    I know Law & Order SVU and Law & Order CI are going to be still on, but I’ve never warmed to them.

    BTW, I still have to watch the series finale, so I don’t know yet what happened in it, but it would only be appropriate (fair?) if Lt. Anita Van Buren was finally made a Capt.. Jack McCoy went from being an ADA to being a DA, so why not granting Lt. Van Buren an advancement?

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