3-day weekend!

Woohoo!  Memorial Day Weekend is upon us.  That means Rolling Thunder is in town.  And just in case I’d forgotten (which I actually did for a moment) several of them just went roaring past my place.

Since I haven’t been invited to any barbecues or  parties, I could happily stay inside all weekend.  But instead I’ve going made plans to get out and about each day. Saturday the condo folks are hosting “coffee by the pool,” which I really enjoy—when I remember to go.  They don’t do it every weekend, so it’s not like it can become a habit.  And then I’ll pop over to the library.  My books are a few days overdue, and it’s time to pick up some new reading material.  I’m thinking I ought to try a Sherlock Holmes mystery.  As I recall, there’s only one I’ve ever read.

Sunday I’m taking the car to the car wash.  For some reason, my car has become a poop magnet.  Last week a bird pooped blueberries on the hood.  And today, when I got in it after work, there was poop on the passenger window.  And I’d purposely parked in the open, away from the bushes and the trees, just so that wouldn’t happen. Stupid nature.

I was thinking Monday I’d stop by Sears to look at refrigerators and ranges.  But the crossbar on my computer chair (which is actually a really, really old folding chair) just broke off.  I’ve been planning on getting a new chair for, oh, about eight years now.  Guess I’ve procrastinated long enough, huh.

How about the Law & Order finale?  Just in case Francesca hasn’t seen it yet…

Jack McCoy had only a couple lines.  But they were mighty fine, Jack McCoy-defining lines.  Anita Van Buren didn’t make Capt.  But she did get to live.  And marry Ernie Hudson.  Apparently in the post-Rey Curtis days, she lost a husband and 2 sons.  (Perhaps I would have known that had I known Rey was going to make a guest appearance at some point.)  So, she’s been battling (cervical?) cancer.  I say hooray, because it gave S. Epatha Merkerson a chance to show her formidable acting chops.  And the ending was wonderfully appropriate.  Good job, show!


6 thoughts on “3-day weekend!

  1. I like the idea of a “coffee by the pool”: nobody in my condo ever hosted one. I guess I could organize one and see if I can start a tradition.

    I went buy a new dishwasher today, as my old one – besides being energy inefficient (it was over 10 years old) – was starting to show symptoms that it might break soon.

    As for mysteries, I remember reading and liking Sherlock Holmes ones, though my faves in the genres will always be Agatha Christie’s and Georges Simenon’s.

    Agreed about Law and Order finale being quite appropriate. However, in spite of my knowing that Epatha Merkerson would have left the series anyway, even if it had been renewed, I am still sorry to see Law and Order go, as the cast of the last three seasons was a good one, almost to the level of the Bratt-Orbach days.

    • I didn’t know Epatha Merkerson was planning to leave the show, but with her fame and awards after “Lakawana Blues, I can’t blame her. Or maybe she was just tired. She’s getting up there in years. (She & I are the same age.)

      We’ve done coffee by the pool for a few years now. It’s only a few times a year and I missed every one last year. I didn’t make to the pool. I didn’t wake up until nearly 10:00 and I was so drowsy, it took a while to wake up. Did get to the library, though. Got a SH collection and Steinbeck’s book on King Arthur.

      I’ve bought 2 dishwashers since I’ve lived here. The current one is really nice.

      • I can’t blame Epatha Merkerson either for wishing to leave Law and Order. Gosh, she’s been in it since 1993 (season 4) and 17 years are a long time to be in the same series, so it is perfectly understandable that she wanted to do something different.

  2. Sounds like a beautiful weekend planned!

    It’s funny about the poop, we have the same thing going on here. I have no idea why, but some robin has been using our mailbox as a bathroom, and both our cars keep getting bombed.

    • Yeah, I’m pretty sure these are robins, too. A couple weeks ago as I was walking to my car after work (there’s a walkway behind some military housing), I saw two baby robins on the ground. One was chirping away, calling for mama. I don’t think they fell out of the nest (there was an adult robin nearby) but they couldn’t quite fly. They weren’t at all colorful, but they sure were cute, all fuzzy and round. I hope they’re ok.

  3. Ah, the poop thing must be a worldwide one.

    In my neighborhood, there is also the cat factor: there are quite a few cat owners (or cat-owned people 😉 ) where I live and if you park your car outdoors, it is very likely that you find it covered with cat footprints, especially after rainfall.

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