Happy June!

Eight years ago today I was in New York City, Manhattan, to be exact.  My niece and her long time boyfriend got married.  A wonderful time was had by all, including me.

We stayed the Regent Wall Street in lower Manhattan.  It was the fanciest hotel I’d ever stayed in.  They had these huge soaking tubs, and I think I used it every night.  It was even used as a back drop for a Law & Order scene with Lennie Briscoe and Rey Curtis.  (I cant remember the episode other than it was in season 6, Benjamin Bratt’s first year on the show.)

My souvenir of the event was a fluffy hotel bathrobe.  No, I didn’t steal it.  I actually paid (a lot of money) for it.

I understand the hotel’s been sold and it’s a shell of its former glory. 😦  Bummer.

I wonder if the niece and nephew-in-law are celebrating this evening.  Both of them work pretty long hours, have a 2½ year old girl, and are expecting a baby boy any day now.  Whew!  I’m pooped just thinking about it.

Note to self:  load some damn pictures from the wedding!


4 thoughts on “Happy June!

    • Oh rats! I forgot your birthday! Hope it was a great one!

      (Yes, I use exclamation points too much. But birthdays deserve it!) 😀

    • Yes, it has the longest day of the year, the summer solstice. (Which is also my birthday, which makes me very special. Hahahaha!)

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