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I needed a new theme.  I was getting pretty tired of Ocean Mist.  I’d had it for about a year and actually went through all 4 seasons of “streams.”  (Do you remember what they were?)  And so, since summer is just around the corner, I decided it’s time for a change.  Plus, WordPress.com has introduced a butt-load of new themes in the past few months.  Of course, none of them meet with all my requirements, so I still have to “settle.”

Of course, I could to create a “stand-alone” blog on my website.  Oops!  Except that I no longer have a website.  (Which means I need to update my links.)  My domain name expired (the hosting company forgot to tell me until it went into “recovery” mode, whereby I’d have to pay $80 for something that should have cost $10).  So I canceled the account.  I really liked the company, but I’ve had 2 bad experiences with them recently, so I decided to cut my losses.  I’d still like to have a web presence (other than here), but I’m not sure where to go.  I’m always a little leery before making the commitment, even though my experiences always been pretty good.

WP.com offers the ability to create your own blog theme, but it costs about $15 a year per blog.  That seems a little steep to me when I can get my own domain name for $10 a year.  Oops!   I’m comparing apples to oranges.  What I need to compare is the yearly cost of hosting, anywhere from $50 on up (except you often have to pay for a 2 year commitment) to the cost of custom CSS.  When you look at it that way, $15/year isn’t so bad.

Interestingly, this theme has allowed me to design something very similar to one I was (half-heartedly) working on.  Except that they put the sidebar in the footer! That’s just wrong!  Then again, people are supposed to read the blog, not click to go elsewhere, right?

So, any bets on how long this theme will last?


7 thoughts on “Web ramblings

  1. Personally, I like this theme, though I admit that would like it better if the sidebar was in the sidebar, not in the footer, so that it didn’t take much strolling to do before finding it.

    I’m sorry to hear your hosting company didn’t tell you about your domain name expiring till it went on recovery mode: I don’t know if it is illegal or not, but it is surely unethical (or the symptom of a lack of organization) on their part to forget to let their clients know when a contract is about to expire and ask them whether they intend to renew it before it actually expires.

    • I don’t think the hosting company did anything illegal. There was so much was going on, what with the viruses and all, somehow the domain name was overlooked.

      • Yep, I guess they didn’t do anything illegal.

        However, I wonder if they could use a software sending off automated reminders to their clients a few days or weeks before domain names are due to be renewed as the hosting company I am with seems to be doing.

    • Well, hey, maybe you should get a larger monitor! 😀 Mine is 22″ widescreen, so the stones sit very nicely off to one side.

      Still, I’ll probably change the theme. It’s not doing a lot for me.

      • Even on my 19″ widescreen stones sits nicely off to one side.

        Perhaps, changing the screen resolution would do the trick with smaller monitors.

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