The glass is half empty

Aw, thanks Francesca and Natalie for your kind words.  *hugs*

I thought I was ok about the eval situation on Sunday, but it really affected me at work on Monday.  I ended up telling my 2nd line supervisor that, while I signed the eval, I wasn’t happy with it.  And I started crying while talking to him.  (Ugh, I hate it when I do that!)  I ended up having a “heart-to-heart” with my supervisor.  What she’d wanted was for me rewrite my input to support the “outstanding.”  I’d thought her response had meant she didn’t think I’d deserved it.

So, I rewrote the eval and everyone signed off on it.  But now I’m worried because:  1) it’s like I got the good report because I “threw a hissy fit,” even though I know both supervisors think I’ve done a great job; and 2) now I’m afraid my new boss is going to think that’s my normal output.

See how my mind plays games with me?  I’m my own worst enemy.


5 thoughts on “The glass is half empty

  1. Hey, if you know you deserve it and your supervisors agree, you have every right to throw a hissy fit to get the evaluation you deserve. If they didn’t agree, they wouldn’t have signed off on it. Now just keep doing what you’ve been doing that got you that “outstanding” and if anyone has any doubts, you’ll just sweep them all away in short order. *hugs* (Sorry I didn’t reply to your earlier post, but I did read it; you know how it goes, trying to catch up with everything, then forgetting to go back and comment on one thing or another.)

    • Well, in many cases I don’t deserve a top grade and I’m ok with that. It’s just that I put a lot of effort into the past 6 months.

      Don’t apologize for not replying!!! I haven’t kept up with anyone—including you. 😦

  2. Gail, it is your right to let your supervisor know if you think you didn’t get the evaluation you deserve and ask to either change it or explain why you got it and I guess that your supervisor didn’t expect your response to an evaluation that wasn’t as good as yout though it would be to be one of joy (if he agreed to sigh on the rewritten evaluation, he must have been okay with your response to the old one).

  3. I totally empathize. There have been so many times that I’ve gotten passionate (usually passionately angry) and it’s stimulated the stupid tear ducts. And that just makes the emotion worse, so it makes the tears worse. And then we look weak and “female” when it’s about anatomy! Gah!

    But I agree with everything Francesca said, and the best thing to do is try not to look back. 🙂

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