Customer Unservice

My butt is sore.  I need a new computer chair.  The one I’ve been using forever is a 32 year old folding chair.  I’m amazed my back isn’t more out of whack than it already is.

So I decided this weekend I was going to buy myself a new computer chair.  There’s a Healthy Back store just down the street from me.  I’d eyed a couple of $400 chairs online.  (Yes, I’m willing to pay that much for a chair.)  Turns out they weren’t as comfortable as I’d have liked.  However, an $800 chair fit the bill beautifully.  (And yes, I was willing to spend that much money on it.)  The store had the chair in stock and could assemble it and deliver it to me on Tuesday.  Except that I work on Tuesday. I’d already taken Friday off, so I wasn’t keen on asking for another day off.

I asked if they could deliver after 7 pm, since that’s about the time I normally get home.  The manager said they couldn’t deliver that late because the warehouse is in Beltsville, MD, (about 20 miles from here) and the delivery men wouldn’t be able to get home to spend time with their families.

Well, par-dōn me if my spending nearly $1000 would cause a little one-time inconvenience!   I told them I’d have to think about it and walked out.

You know what’s worse?  I drive 30 miles twice a day to work!  It’s not convenient, but I do it.

Chances are, if the manager had been pleasant to me, I’d have gone ahead and just had the chair delivered next Saturday.  But from the time I walked into the store, he treated me like I was  a burden to him.  Too bad, because the gal that waited on  me was quite nice.


4 thoughts on “Customer Unservice

  1. Agreed that you can do an exception for a customer spending $ 800 and deliver the item bought at the time requested.

    What is interesting is that over here in Italy, unless it is for a company, stores deliver items to their customers after closing time (which is between 7 and 8 pm), which also happens to be when it is most likely that you find people at home.

    • To be fair, it’s (was) a really nice folding chair. Padded. And I have an extra wedgy thing on it. But yeah, I really need a new chair. I did find one at Staples (“only” $350), but it seems they won’t assemble and deliver. Huh??

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