Sunday Seven #3

Since I’ve changed my theme (again!), I decided to explain why I keep changing it so often.

Seven Things I Look for in a Theme

  1. The 2010 theme

    2010 theme. (Click it for a better view.)

    A subtitle, or tag line.  Otherwise, how are you going to understand the title of my blog?  Or my sense of humor??  Check!

  2. Fixed width.  I have a 22″ monitor, and studies show that narrower is better for reading.  So there.  Check!
  3. A custom header.  So I can load one of my stream photos.  Although today’s header is the one that comes with this theme (titled “Twenty Ten”)  Check!
  4. Black on white text.  Again, supposedly it’s easier on the eyes.  Check!
  5. Text that isn’t too small or too light for my middle-aged eyes.  Check!
  6. A a neat, somewhat compact sidebar.  Check!
  7. Sans serif type.  It’s easier to read online.  Oops! Actually, it doesn’t look too bad, so I guess it’ll stay around for awhile.  Maybe.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Seven #3

  1. I like this layout. Also, I pooh-pooh any suggestion that big blocks of sans serif text are easier to read online. Because…why? Decades and maybe a hundred years of research says serif is easier offline, so why would it be harder on a screen?

    I despise big blocks of sans serif text. And so I *hug* this theme. 🙂

    • Hehe. Yes, you’ve mentioned that before. 🙂 However, online and offline reading are different… print colors are additive, computer colors are subtractive. I think one’s eyes probably process them differently.

      However, the purpose of the serif is to make it easier for the eye to travel in a horizontal line, so perhaps it’s not that big of a deal.

      Also, I understand the e-readers use a different “lighting” technique than computer screens, which is why they’re easier to view.

      Well, if Natalie hates sans serif, then I must begin using it more. 😉

  2. I like this layout, too.

    I can certainly say that it is easier for me to read black on white text, or dark text on a light background, than light text on a dark background.

    • Hey you! I just rewatched the Modern Family episode with Ben the other night. It’s still my favorite episode, and he was so excellent in it. Guess I ought to stop by your site to see what he’s up to these days. 🙂

  3. Up All Night is still my favorite episode of Modern Family, too.

    BTW, I followed your advice and watched Sherlock: I’ll never regret I did… Great series!

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